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industial l boiler

ZG is really a preeminent industrial steam industial l boiler manufacturer with experience of almost seventy years in china. ZG have developed an unmatched higher level of expertise in fuel combustion by designing, manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art systems and equipment that actually work cleanly, cost-effectively and reliably.So ZG have the obvious advantages in industrial steam boiler manufacture and mainly supply 2 ton industrial steam boiler,10 ton industrial steam boiler and 20 ton industrial steam boiler for textile industry.Of course if you want to purchase a industrial hot water boiler we can also design the boiler according your requirements for the boiler.

Gas industial l boiler circulating pump installation should pay attention: gas boiler circulating pumps are important parts, mainly in the media pipeline to provide power. Circulation pump installation is very particular, has a small circulation pump option election malpractice, and circulation pump installation also has some stress, the following specific look at it.

What is the role and steam industial l boiler economizer and what are the conditions? For boilers, the problem will be solved in the following, which specifically is: Energy Saver on the boiler, can play what role? Soil heating, radiators and boilers should be how to determine the height? And boiler and steam conditions What? Now that the problem has been brought up, and that the following immediately to give a specific answer to it and I hope that we have a complete understanding, in order to have a correct understanding. 1. The role of the boiler economizer in the boiler, economizer can play the role of the heat is recovered in the exhaust gas temperature to be utilized to increase the temperature of boiler feed water, the temperature of the blast, or directly to produce steam heating and so on. In this case, to avoid waste, at the same time, improve the efficiency of boilers, energy-saving goal. 2. soil heating, radiators and a boiler to determine the height of the case, for soil heating is concerned, first of all, is required to have pressure, so, to be achieved by the height difference between the backwater, namely, between boiler feed water and return pipe, the greater the distance, the greater the pressure difference. So, in general, back to the radiator outlet is higher than the boiler outlet back of 200-300mm. And, from the end of the radiator to the boiler, it is to have a two thousandths to three thousandths of distance downhill.

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