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bagasse boiler o2 levels

External structure of the bagasse boiler o2 levels room layout problem to note 1, leading to the boiler room outside the doors should open outwards. Each boiler room should be at least two outlets, are provided on both sides. When the total width of the front end of the boiler (the boiler comprises a passage between the inner) of not more than 12m, and a boiler room area not exceeding 200m2 single boiler room and to be open only one outlet. 2, the boiler room door should not be used on a pull-down shutter doors or sliding door, single evaporator rated less than or equal 2t / width and height h of the boiler door homeowners boiler boiler assembly generally not less than the maximum dimensions plus 0.5m . 3, the ground should be flat boiler room without a step, no water in the boiler room floor drain hole (groove) should be set up at, to facilitate drainage. 4, boiler room should comply with building "architectural design code for fire protection" and "design of tall buildings for fire protection" requirements. 5, between the boiler wall (1.5 meters or less from the ground) should adopt cement plaster or tile veneer moisture protection and to facilitate washed with water. 6, boiler room operation site, as well as water gauge, pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, etc., should have adequate lighting. 7, operation of the boiler room should be open layout, and boiler water, boiler pressure measurement and control instruments concentrated in the operating room, and boiler and safety accessories should be reliable rain, wind, frost, anti-corrosion measures. 8, located in the wood workshop, no fireproof partition wall of the boiler, the application of non-combustible material, fire resistance of 4h material masonry firewall, the firewall directly on the basis of the masonry or reinforced concrete frame, the firewall should be cut off burning body or difficult to burn the roof structure, the roof and the body should be higher than 400mm non-combustion, combustion or higher hard body burning roof 500mm.

Fang fast production of equipment for the thermal efficiency of the bagasse boiler o2 levels how much? Fang fast owns 200 kinds of types of boilers, thermal efficiency up to 108%, is a national energy efficiency brand, energy-saving and environmental protection gas for different needs of different places for users to recommend suitable products.

Easy maintenance: There are movable smoke box doors in the front and back of the bagasse boiler o2 levels, and there are observation holes and inspection holes in the rear of the boiler, which can be checked and cleaned up in the furnace. The manhole is set up on the furnace body, and the structural design takes the convenience of future repair and maintenance into full consideration.

Before a cooperation with the parties, we heard from other companies where fast bagasse boiler o2 levels brand, saying it was so fast square product quality, use a long time, and after-sales service is also very complete. After the collaboration found that it really is a well-deserved reputation. This three boilers put into use, not only reduces emissions, while meeting the needs of normal heating, fuel input has also been reduced, as we save a lot of operating costs. --customer feedback