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Steam Boiler Dealer 20t Commercial

20 years adhere to long and arduous, but parties were quick early heart never forget the moment, stick to date, the performance results are now almost 20 years trying to best each other gifts. Achieved remarkable results, the Group's own sound inseparable, inseparable from distributors around the trust and support. In the new market competition, will quickly adapt to the times square in the flow, leading the development of the Group through concerted efforts of all my colleagues and friends dealers, tenacious struggle, the successful realization of the new grand blueprint!

This is two 10 tons of natural gas steam boiler dealer 20t commercial fast Boiler cooperation with a fertilizer processing users. Our chemical plants, for example, a brief introduction Chemical Plant selection configuration scheme with a gas steam boiler.

Energy crisis is an urgent demand changes in industrial structure

A long time, China's energy utilization structure focused mainly on fossil fuels such as coal, according to the industrial coal-fired boilers branch of China electrical equipment industry association survey, with 470,000 units of coal-fired industrial coal-fired boilers, consume 400 million tons of standard coal annually, accounting for one-fourth of the total coal consumption in China. However, the average coal-fired industrial boiler operation efficiency of only about 65%, this indicator 15%-20% lower than the advanced international level.

Boiler used in the textile industry

ZG boiler is a manufacturing enterprise that is constantly advancing. So far, it has formed a product system of 9 series of more than 200 kinds of products. The accumulated customer cases have reached more than 10,000, and the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. ZG boiler, which has an ever-increasing influence, provides excellent solutions for more and more global customers.