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4 tons of natural gas commercial biomass fired vacuum boilers dealer configuration of a single recent years with the popularity of natural gas heating boiler, more and more natural gas boiler manufacturers appeared, among the finest natural gas boiler manufacturers to quickly plant a few square Henan, Henan party fast as a well-known enterprises, beginning built in 1945, after 70 years of development formed the current structure, the Ministry of Machinery has been assessed as one of the large boiler plant, with the design and manufacture of boilers and a-level certificate more honor certificate. Henan party quickly so many best-selling products to the number four tons of natural gas boiler, the model is ZWNS2.8-85 / 60-Y, Q (vacuum, gas-fired heating) WNS4-1.25-Y (Q) (steam boiler) SZS4-1.25 / 220-Y (Q) (pressure hot water heating boilers)

Works gas steam commercial biomass fired vacuum boilers dealer and gas development advantages of a steam boiler desuperheater and pressurized combustion product and the main advantage, gas steam boiler desuperheater role and pressurized combustion gas steam boiler 1. Why not suitable for heating? This is because the pressure of the steam boiler is very high, and the requirements of its pipes and accessories is relatively high. So, on this invisible, it will increase costs and expenses. In addition, the installation of a steam boiler is not very simple. Therefore, based on these factors before reaching this conclusion. 2. What is the role of gas steam boiler desuperheater that? Desuperheaters gas steam boiler is generally in the supply pipe, its main role is to reduce the steam temperature, so as to achieve the desired requirements. Desuperheater in kind, type, and the main surface of the two water-jet. For the surface mounting of formula U-tube is a cylindrical tube body, or a recuperative heat exchanger. Water quality which cooling water is no special requirements, mainly in the scope of the low-pressure steam boiler. 3. Gas-fired steam boiler vacuum boiler combustion whether beneficial? If the negative pressure combustion gas steam boiler, specifically refers to a combustion chamber of the boiler, i.e. the furnace, is less than one atmosphere. The means to achieve it, it is achieved by balancing the ventilation system. Pressurized combustion, which does not improve the speed of the combustion gas steam boiler, or to maintain combustion stability. If the conditions are bad, then seal the furnace, combustion positive pressure will increase insecurity, the work environment is unfavorable. Therefore, only the negative pressure combustion to avoid the above problems. The advantages of gas steam boiler is mainly reflected in what areas? Increasingly serious environmental pollution, to people's lives a lot of inconvenience, businesses are keeping up with the pace of the country, respond to national call, in order to energy conservation. Boiler industry is, to a great old-fashioned gas-fired boilers environmental pollution, with advances in technology, people developed a fuel gas steam boiler can use clean energy, today small to say the next gas steam boiler with you. First, the working principle of the burner heat released by radiation is first absorbed water wall heat transfer, vaporization of water boiling water wall, a large amount of steam into the drum for water separation, the separated saturated steam enters the superheater, by radiation, convection continues to absorb the furnace top and a horizontal flue, the flue gases heat the back pass, and superheated steam to reach the required operating temperature. Second, the use of fuel gas steam boiler is the use of clean natural gas energy, no emissions, waste, clean and environmentally friendly, in line with our energy reduction, sustainable development policies, public praise. Third, gas steam boiler applications range: 1 Civil: food processing, such as making noodles, steamed buns, boiled milk, tofu soups and other snacks, food drying, etc.; dry cleaners, laundry room; hotel, sauna and so on. 2. Industrial use: garment factories, chemical production line with steam; supporting food machinery, chemical machinery; tea fermentation. 3. Laboratory: Laboratory with a small amount of steam, teaching experiment. Fourth, the development of the advantages of gas steam boiler 1, natural gas is a clean energy, no waste combustion, waste gas, compared to coal, oil and other energy sources have the use of safe, high calorific value, clean, and other advantages. 2, gas steam boilers safer than conventional boilers, piping is usually aspirated, crew using gas pressure pre-tuned, fuel combustion more fully, the boiler is stable. Gas-fired steam boilers do not need to register the same as conventional boiler inspection. 3, the higher the efficiency of the hot gas steam boiler. Using the principle of countercurrent heat steam boiler, the boiler flue gas temperature is lower than 150 deg.] C, operating thermal efficiency of 92%, 5-10% higher than the conventional steam boiler. 4, gas steam boiler economy is more prominent. Because of the small water capacity, starts a 3-minute produce saturated steam of high dryness and greatly reduce the warm-up time, saving energy. 1 set 0.5T / H steam boiler using energy in a year can save more than 10 million hotel; fully automatic operation.

Nowadays, the heating of many residential areas is supplied by uniform commercial biomass fired vacuum boilers dealer burning hot water, so the performance of hot water boiler plays an increasingly important role in consumer heating. The most common boilers on the market are vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. However, many consumers do not have a thorough understanding of the two hot water boilers may have a certain deviation in understanding, the following is to understand the difference between vacuum hot water boiler and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. One, the safety is different now professional hot water boiler is mainly vacuum hot water boiler, the inside of boiler is negative pressure energy At the same time, vacuum hot water boiler can be changed into normal pressure hot water boiler by correlation structure, so the safety is more obvious than that of vacuum hot water boiler. However, the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is safe and reliable as long as it is partially ventilated when it is used in the hot-water boiler, which is easy to use, so the normal-pressure hot-water boiler is especially safe and reliable. Second, the heating efficiency is different because the water volume of the vacuum hot water boiler is less, so the primary water quantity is less, so it is necessary to recycle and use burners for many times to heat the boiler. But the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler container only needs one time to open the burner can achieve the better heating effect, can effectively put the hot water boiler in the hot water boiler. When circulating water is heated, the thermal efficiency of atmospheric hot water boiler is higher than that of vacuum hot water boiler. Third, vacuum hot water boilers with different equipment complexity must be equipped with a series of basic facilities, such as vacuum pumps, in order to ensure vacuum degree, and atmospheric hot water boilers do not need to adopt control equipment to maintain vacuum degree. Therefore, it is easier to operate without complicated control equipment personnel, and the complexity of boiler equipment has the advantage of meeting the needs of more consumers when it is used. Nowadays, the hot water boilers with high sales volume are mainly vacuum hot water boilers and normal pressure hot water boilers. There are great differences in the use of these two points, both in Ann. The overall thermal efficiency or equipment complexity is different, so if you want to install the relevant boiler equipment, you can choose different machines and equipment according to your needs for hot water boilers.

Luzhou, Sichuan issued a notice to win the Battle of Blue Sky embodiment. Program requirements, to promote ultra-low emissions to upgrade the steel and cement industries, and increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired commercial biomass fired vacuum boilers dealers, phasing out the whole 10 tons / hour and below the coal-fired boilers. Details are as follows.

1, to accelerate the development of clean energy. Scientific and orderly promote clean energy development and utilization of hydropower, natural gas (shale gas), wind power, solar, biomass and so on. By 2020, the city's total primary energy consumption of 12.48 million tons of standard coal, total coal consumption control in less than 6.5 million tons, accounting for the proportion of total energy consumption control in less than 42%, the newly constructed and put into operation a large municipal solid waste incineration power plants, garbage power generation capacity of 12MW, a new wind farm installed capacity of 48MW, the development of distributed PV installed capacity of 5MW, the new large biogas 5. Improve the construction of reservoirs for natural gas production and marketing system.

2, to promote the use of clean coal. Efforts to increase coal washing, coal simultaneous construction of new coal washing facilities, supporting the completion of existing coal mines coal washing facilities in accordance with points Area. Improve coal quality and use of standard industrial, commercial coal do not comply with environmental standards required by regulations of coal quality merchandise. Prohibit the circulation and use of low-grade bulk coal, bulk coal investigated and dealt with according to the law without a license behavior. Increase the civil bulk coal clean governance efforts to promote electricity instead of coal, substitution of gas for coal, to promote the use of clean coal, advanced civilian stoves, strengthen civil bulk coal management. Strengthen regulation and control coal use in autumn and winter.

3, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers. By 2020, the county level and above cities phasing out the built-up area per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, in principle, to a new 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers, in principle, to other parts of the new 10 per hour tons of steam coal-fired boilers. Ambient air quality standards are not areas should further increase efforts to eliminate.

4, increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate network and bulk coal fired boilers within the coverage area. In areas not have cogeneration district heating conditions, a plurality of existing coal-fired boilers of small, actively promote the implementation alternative energy.