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simens gas fired ccpp power plant

Gas hot water simens fired ccpp power plant examples of some professional issues and answers on the type of boiler, the following explanation will be focused on, and this one is for the gas hot water boiler, because this is one of the important types of boilers, and its use is relatively Many. Therefore, it is necessary to learn in this regard, so that we are familiar with this kind of boiler, so as to enrich their knowledge. 1. gas hot water boiler, its spare parts, mainly there are few? On this kind of boiler, there is no economizer or air preheater, it will affect the exhaust gas temperature? Gas hot water boiler, its spare parts, mainly, there is a boiler control cabinet, three burners and chimneys. As for whether there is economizer or air preheater, it will affect the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler, and if not, the exhaust gas temperature is 200-220 degrees; any, may be reduced to 180 degrees. 2. gas hot water boiler, the flue gas condenser should be installed in what position, more appropriate? Mounted on the gas hot water boiler flue gas condenser, in general, is mounted on the boiler return pipe, is more appropriate. Since this installation, it is possible to increase the boiler water temperature, and the thermal efficiency. Moreover, it is possible to reduce costs and achieve energy conservation, it can be said that a lot of benefits. 3.58-megawatt gas-fired boiler quite a few tons of gas hot water boiler? And a gas hot water boiler, tonnage and heating area, what is the relationship between these two? 58 MW gas-fired boiler, which from a professional point of view, then, which is equivalent to 83 tons of gas hot water boiler. In the gas hot water boiler, tonnage and heating area, it is directly proportional to the relationship, that is, the greater the tonnage, the greater its heating, then the greater the heating area. These can be said, it is an important intellectual content gas hot water boiler, at the same time, we also need to master in order to be able to practice in a reasonable and proper use of this kind of boiler, to get satisfactory results. Thus, to increase the use value of the boiler.

For the system, the system exhaust gas temperature lower than the conventional gas simens fired ccpp power plant, as shown herein, a larger amount of condensate, which requires purification test discussion. Test systems used direct touch touch flue gas condensing heat exchanger, the advantages of this method is that: the touch area greatly added flue gas two-phase flow of water, heat and mass transfer end instant, reaches the heat transfer enhancement effect.

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In the accident investigation process, the reasons for simens fired ccpp power plant explosion, nothing less than three points: gas (fuel), air and heat. Once the three reaches a certain level, causing the boiler exploded not far.