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When the heating area customers 10t gas heating pellet boilers austria heating boilers in the choice of gas, usually attention to the problem of heating area, always other conditions, the greater the area of ​​the heating boiler, the customer's natural tendency will be relatively larger. The following small series to the heating area 10t gas heating boiler (hot water boiler) as an example for everyone to do a simple exposition. According to the current state of the ideal heating boiler 1t square area of ​​Zhengzhou Gas boiler in terms of 10,000 square meters, 10t gas heating boilers can provide 100,000 square meters of heating, of course, this is only an ideal state, specific to the actual situation and set. Of course, this is only tested out different boiler manufacturers for different strength of internal data, basically affecting boiler heating boiler area itself, we have to consider the thermal efficiency of the boiler, if the boiler process is relatively good, the use of boiler technology is relatively good, then the thermal efficiency of the boiler will naturally be relatively high, it will directly affect the heating area gas heating boiler. Currently the use of fast Zhengzhou party rigorous process, a more condensed excellent tooling equipment as well as independent research and development, premix technology to create the industry's relatively good gas heating boilers, boiler thermal efficiency can be basically maintained at between 98% -104%, and even higher, so that under all conditions appropriate opposite case, a large area for district heating. In short, the problem with regard to heating area 10t gas heating boiler, measured in terms of the different users of different standards, can be subjected to a simple comparison, choose your favorite, heating larger, transportation of 10t gas heating boiler safe and stable.

"Denitrification" refers to the process of removing pellet boilers austria flue gas emissions of nitrogen oxides, "denitrification" the term has been widespread concern as a problem worldwide.

Gas pellet boilers austria start and stop frequently, why?

Gas boiler extremely frequent start and stop, not only cause damage to the boiler itself, will greatly increase in fuel input, increase input costs. So, what causes frequent starts and stops of the boiler is it?

Tai Chi, Jiaozuo City, Jiaozuo City Sports Center is one of important sports infrastructure, a total area of ​​11.73 hectares, held several international events. With strict management in Henan Province for air emissions of pollutants, Jiaozuo City, also launched the governance of coal-fired pellet boilers austrias, thermal power and other equipment. Jiaozuo Sports Center actively cooperate with municipal workers, took the lead from coal to gas activities, the serious pollution of the original extent of coal-fired boilers to replace gas boilers. Gas boiler cleaning binding understanding of the market, to achieve cooperation with the finalization fast boiler by providing a fast side 2.8MW integrally condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS2.8-1.0 / 95/70-YQ), it is used to Sports Center provides heating and hot water.