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"Thalia T6" is a fast-party R & D team after more than 600 burn test, 30 times optimization technology, successfully developed the premix vacuum hot water boiler dari pipa stenlis. Professional designers based on product characteristics and application environment painstaking design, look as elegant as the goddess of wisdom, asymmetrical waistline but also demonstrates its different. Internal boiler U-tube smoke fast original square, weld-free bending forming, in combination with a compact furnace; no need to provide special transfer smoke chamber, the smoke box integrated with the condenser, thereby reducing the space occupied area, compared with the generation volume reduced by 33%.

How to deal with hot water boiler dari pipa stenlis convection tube bundle fouling conditions: hot water boiler in the long run constantly fouling situation inevitably occur. When the scale accumulated to a certain amount, the need for timely treatment, or will cause damage burst pipes or other parts, causing serious irreversible effects to the boiler. The general approach is the use of other acid or alkaline chemical treatment by immersion or cleaning cycle, it may be used both in combination, but the need for intractable scale more particular method.

[5], and boiler dari pipa stenlis fuel gas boiler is not much difference in terms of the body structure, but due to the different heat value of fuel, the heating surface were adjusted accordingly. I.e., oil-fired boiler radiation large heating area, and the sucked gas boiler convection heating surface designed larger.

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