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What kind of dealer 6t boiler plant lithuania flue needs to be cleaned and under what circumstances? Boiler, their knowledge and understanding, the following will continue, because it is we want to see, so you can in front of the existing foundation, to continue to promote the study and work site products, thereby, accelerate the pace of learning , so that everyone compliance as soon as possible, rather than a waste of time, thus affecting the learning efficiency of the product. 1. boiler equipment and systems, which specifically refer to? And, under what circumstances, the boiler is forbidden to start? Boiler equipment and systems from a professional point of view, then, it is a complete boiler auxiliary equipment and systems for most of the two, but also includes the complete control equipment. In the absence of water, ice and closed three cases, the boiler is forbidden to start, and, on this point, we should be clear, and, to keep in mind.

The onset of winter, to ensure the safe operation of heating dealer 6t boiler plant lithuanias, recently, Fengning, Hebei Province Market Authority to schools, hospitals, residential, hotels, enterprises and other crowded places as the focus, to carry out security checks special action winter heating boiler.

The boiler safety inspection to check whether the action is mainly for the use of registration certificate, whether or not the maintenance, overhaul and maintenance, boiler safety accessories are conducted periodic inspection; the use of units to establish whether the relevant rules and regulations and safety rules, file information is complete, run record is perfect; whether the unit is equipped with the required safety management, whether fireman and water treatment personnel certificates; whether developed special equipment safety measures and emergency rescue plan, with related emergency rescue equipment.

Through this inspection, supervision and special equipment unit firmly establish the safety production of "red line consciousness" to strengthen the routine inspection of the unit and boiler maintenance work in a timely manner to eliminate potential accidents.

Factors affecting dealer 6t boiler plant lithuania efficiency condensing paper mill which recently found our customers fast boilers, boiler efficiency condenser consultation paper mills affected by what factors? To solve this problem, our technical staff gives the answer. 1, paper mills correct operation of condensing boiler. Preset value is closely related to the operation and the parameters of quality of work and condensing boiler equipment, when the operator to adjust the parameters of condensing boiler plant does not meet the preset value of the environment, or different operating out of order, it may cause condensing boiler system cauldron. Lead to excessive condensation of water, low pressure or no abnormal temperature changes. Therefore, before condensing boiler and during use, the best professional guidance and strict rules. 2, paper mill maintenance and maintenance condensing boiler. To a certain extent, maintenance, and maintenance of the boiler condensate directly determine the lifetime and stability of the equipment. Condensate boiler has shut down most demanding requirements at any time, after a period of downtime can cut off the power. Regular and comprehensive clean-up dirt, clear line between abnormal dirt. Once a line is broken or loose parts, it is timely to take protective measures in accordance with the instructions in order to avoid large-scale post-accident. 3, the specific environmental parameters and paper mill equipment condensing boiler is a need for a reference. In the purchase of a long history of condensing boilers, we must first determine the various parameters of the interface of its own boiler system. Thermal energy value, diameter, area, and other space available, combined with the original energy system, and parameters determining the type condensing boiler, condensing boiler and to ensure the actual operating environment adaptation.

Thrust working pressure and hydraulic cylinder Xiao Bian told you about steam dealer 6t boiler plant lithuania pressure test working pressure and thrust hydraulic cylinder Henan enough fast boiler's steam boiler pressure test is not enough when the steam boiler pressure test time, how does it work pressure of the limited scope of security is how much, how the steam boiler was not out of danger? We know, whether the newly installed steam boiler or steam boiler in service, the purpose of the hydrostatic test, validate one steam boiler with a capacity for elastic deformation of a metal material in the structure, i.e., the maximum extent of recovery after deformation; Second check tightness and structural strength, but in the "steam boiler provisions" article 207 in table 10-1, the calculation of operating pressure hydrostatic test pressure, no clear that P is a rated working pressure steam boiler, steam or finger the actual operating pressure of the boiler, while there is a difference between the two is essential, such as a table rated working pressure of the steam boiler 1.25MPa when: P = P amount (P actual operating pressure) which hydrostatic test pressure is: P sample = 1.25P + 0.4 = 1.65MPa overpressure test to test. When: PP test = P × 1.5 = 0.7 × 1.5 = 1.05MPa not only than the test pressure above (1.65 MPa), but also smaller than the rated working pressure, if done in this pressure hydrostatic test can only check the steam boiler sealing structure, not the whole purpose of the hydrostatic test. I think that this new installation, repair, every six years running steam boiler hydrostatic test should be clearly steam boilers operating pressure is the rated working pressure steam boiler, except in special circumstances, such as: the use of steam boilers Buck , the pressure should be calculated down after test pressure; actual working pressure is much smaller than the rated working pressure steam boiler, can only tightness test, pressure test is not over. Insufficient thrust of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder may cause abnormal action or not reasons: 1, causing the movement speed of less than a predetermined value can cause a variety of reasons not the thrust: too low a pressure regulating relief valve, relief valve or regulator ineffective, Remedy: increase pressure relief valve: Troubleshooting relief valve 2, the reverse return starts, since the effective working area is too small not move, Remedy: increase the effective working area