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competitive price balance type hot water boiler

Why should the boiler pickling? How pickling? The main purpose is to remove pickling boiler evaporated in the boiler heating surface iron, copper dirt, impurities such as dissolved iron, but also eliminate the effect of the silica, scale and the like. The pickling process is essentially a process of etching the inner surface layer, it is divided into two kinds of circulation pickling acid and allowed to stand. 1, the circulation of boiler waterwall acid is divided into several loops, after pickling flush water. First water was heated to 40 ~ 50 ℃, then use of cyclic dosing, adding acid. I.e., inhibitor before adding, until uniform, using pickling acid pump from the lower header of a group of injection water wall, the drum after being discharged from the lower header of another set of water wall. In order to ensure good pickling effect, the acid should be greater than the flow rate of 0.3m / s. In order not to flow into the superheater acid, pickling acid level in the drum should be maintained at a lower level visible. 2, standing pickling. Acid with an acid is injected into the pump from the water wall lower header, and maintain a certain height, a puddle is discharged after 4h. And also alkali and washed with water after pickling, so that all contact with the metal surface to give an acid basified.

It is understood, Henan Luyi Bureau of Quality Supervision two clear priorities, strengthening from coal-fired boilers governance, strengthen clean coal regulatory two-pronged approach to help air pollution prevention and control.

In strengthening the management of coal-fired boilers, the council of 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and below will not carry out the inspection expires, no new ban in combustion zone, converted biomass briquette high-polluting fuel boilers. We found that the use of such boilers shall be banned according to law, be removed. 10-35 tons of steam per hour are no longer registered coal-fired boilers, in such boilers to urge them to a "coal to gas" or "coal to electricity." Currently, the county five of these boilers have been converted completed, emissions compliance, through acceptance.

Clean coal in strengthening supervision, the county council for production and sale of clean coal technology strict customs inspection. Staff depth of the county two clean coal production enterprises, the enterprise quality management system, laboratory use, production site, production and sales ledger, source of raw materials, the main responsibility for security, the key point of control the production process unfold strict supervision inspection, testing every batch of their products, to eliminate substandard coal products into the market.

Recommend siting the boiler room and the location of the cell site visit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the above-mentioned gas boiler room design, only the lawn area above the garage of imports in line with site conditions. 1. Since underground garage height is limited, coupled with the explosion vent port without reasonable position, can not meet the specifications of the boiler installation, boiler room should be considered semi-underground structure, i.e., the building height of 2 meters above the top layer in the garage, according to the total height of the boiler room 5 m design. 2. Semi-basement boiler room structure is met by installing the boiler, also addresses the regulatory requirements of explosion-proof explosion venting port, ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler room. 3. supporting auxiliary boiler, circulation pump house, water treatment facilities have been installed in the negative layer. For abutting against the original return pipe line system. 4. The second heat exchanger unit to be installed in the basement area, respectively.

Step boiler blowdown boiler blowdown step 1, the total boiler periodically open the drain valve; 2, the first valve opening a boiler, and then slowly open the secondary valve; 3, after the boiler blowdown is completed, the secondary valve is closed first, after a closed valve; sewage should slowly, to prevent water impact, such as vibration occurs if the boiler tubes and other issues, should stop sewage, and check the cause, until the fault repair during sewage; 4, boiler blowdown process, such as boiler accident, should immediately stop sewage , but the drum level is too high and soft drinks were vacated, except; 5, boiler blowdown ban two boilers at the same time. Boiler water softening equipment raw water from the inlet into the control valve, the valve body through the valve body from the upper portion, by a top (or resin pipe outside the tank, below) into the tank. Then, down through the resin layer (this is a softening, the purge is a carbon layer or the like, the same below), becomes softened water return pipe by the water distributor, up to the valve body, the valve body from the softening equipment discharge outlet. Raw water softening equipment from the inlet into the control valve, the valve body into the inlet nozzle and the outlet nozzle flows quickly, a negative pressure, so that the salt brine tank inlet valve body from the suction port salt, into the tank top.