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solid fuel combustion boiler

Fast solid fuel combustion boiler is a research and development, manufacturing, sales of clean fuel boilers and boiler clean combustion technology of high-tech enterprises, the existing national standards for a research and development center and two manufacturing area, manufacturing area of ​​120,000 square meters, is the industry's leading boiler clean fuel boiler production base, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Fast boiler to "create a character, and create boutique" business philosophy, continuing research and constantly improve the technological content of products to close to user needs, to "create a convenient and efficient boiler boutique users" for the mission, independent research and development of remote monitoring system design provide convenient and efficient services to customers through proactive visits and other channels; to "life professional, work lean" as the core values, the establishment of an effective enterprise management system system, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification; and train a large number of codes of conduct, business specialization, continuous committed to providing customers a more convenient and efficient services of highly qualified staff.

When using the solid fuel combustion boiler operation, it is necessary to press and hold down the "manual start-stop" key of the controller to force the boiler to add water, when the water level reaches the extremely low safe water level, the boiler automatically stops replenishing the water, the microcomputer boiler controller is set, and the boiler begins to work fully automatically. Automatic water replenishment, automatic heating, when the temperature is set, the boiler enters the state of automatic heat preservation.

3, the structure of scientific and rational design

Condensing steam boiler has been able to have good thermal effects, lasting supply of energy, because the main reason is that scientific rationality in the structural design of the boiler. For example an energy saving and a condenser at the rear, not only can help improve the efficiency of condensation of the steam boiler, and excellent selection of panel material great protection and thermal insulation performance of the sealing steam boiler using condensing process.

Why are gas-fired solid fuel combustion boiler needed more places? Nowadays more and more places will basically see such a gas boiler equipment, then this device is also very important, relatively speaking, in many cases, we want to know is such a device, Why is it needed more places? First, the relatively high degree of automation: gas boiler now basically in the process of actual use will have more strength, to some degree, his family simply will not need workers to narrow the distance, or a high temperature and Some of the actual situation contact now to avoid those conventional gas boiler eye damage is relatively greater harm, but also to solve some burning stove phenomenon no one, certainly not in this one will have to consider, or is not able to meter Case. Second, high-grade auxiliary components: Today's gas-fired boiler in the process of processing, will have more requirements on the production process, all the requirements of all production processes are also very strict, and they pay attention to excellence, the other in various on a plate or other accessories, will have different procurement of various normative, even to be strictly controlled, even in the process of the entire procurement, must be carried out in accordance with the relevant effective processing speed reducer, because only in this way, their unit price relative to ordinary reducer able to several times more expensive. Third, environmental pollution: the process of gas-fired boiler during processing, to conduct a comprehensive test, but also to ensure that all fuel combustion, no other some black smoke generation, this is the case, of which there will be more burning process much gas, the concentration of carbon dioxide emissions even more pronounced below 900 milligrams per cubic meter, must achieve a national standard.