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Recently, the Anyang city government released the 2018 benchmark of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises citation, to be commended and encouraged Anyang nine local enterprises. I company with a solid technology skills, steady pace of development and constantly aggressive determination to win awards municipal government. As a high-tech fast square boiler manufacturing enterprises, while maintaining infrastructure, adhere to scientific and technological innovation path of development, follow the development of high-quality, strengthen management, attention to restructuring, rushed development, highlights frequent, becoming the city's technology and industrial double front of the vanguard, Anyang City for a number of honors in the country, enhance the technological competitiveness of the city.

High Efficiency Boilers – The term “boiler efficiency” refers to thermal efficiency (fuel-to-steam efficiency) of the boiler’s heat exchanger, taking into account radiation and convection losses. High efficiency boilers maximize the transfer of heat from the combustion process to the water or steam in the boiler, keeping fuel requirements lower as a result of optimized performance.

Oil-fired boiler room safety requirements in the development of society, everything is changing, but the security theme will never change. Affect our security affairs as there are a lot of news often see that Nana fuel boiler room explosion and so on, so it can be re-docking boiler danger, to defend our lives and property from damage, small series that security is a prerequisite for the boiler room . That boiler room safety requirements have those? Small series that can be divided into 8 namely: 1, oil-fired boiler room boiler room fire rating should be one, two, between the fuel tank, pump room fire resistance rating of not less than two. 2, the boiler room should be set fixed fire extinguishing means (or foam fire extinguisher 1211) 2. 3, leading to the boiler room outside the doors should open outwards and may not be locked or bolted during boiler operation to ensure the smooth flow of entrances and exits. 4, the fuel tank capacity boiler room daily should not exceed 1 m3. It should have direct access to the outside of the tank vent pipe, and a flame arrester is provided on the vent means rain. 5, the fuel tank should be used daily closed reservoir, should not be used on glass gauge tank, the tank should be full protection. 6, the boiler room equipment should lightning protection and grounding combustible gas alarm device antistatic. 7, the use of fuel flashpoint of not less than 65 ℃. 8, the power supply system should be configured and leakage protection switch protection devices. These are used as fuel boiler room safety requirements 8:00 hope that we strictly comply with the requirements for their own security for its people.

Burner gas boilers were burned there a way to solve the gas boiler has been running well, but this can not be used suddenly, after checking to confirm that the burner is damaged up. What are the reasons can cause burner gas boiler is burned? For such problems, what can be the solution? Gas boiler burners burn have a relationship with a number of factors, for example, there may be a way to let the boiler temperature deviation high, has reached the upper limit of the allowable range, so that the high temperature flue gas furnace radiation heat of the burner is enhanced, the wall temperature of the burner nozzle is increased burning. It is also possible with a gas flame furnace boiler deflected about the base, because after testing found furnace temperature and burner nozzle with uneven distribution of temperature, wind speed and orifice layer with the four corners of boiler burners significantly uneven. In addition, gas burner boiler equipment standards at fault, not the end of a stable tangential firing, but also so that the other main reason for the flame base skewed. When adjusting the gas boiler, if the wind speed control of the secondary is too small, it will lead to too close the gas fire, the burner nozzle so that thermally deformed until failure. Further, when the adjustment is not timely gas boiler load changes the level of the upper orifice of the secondary throttle will be cooled so that the burner is not burning. After the burner for damage affecting the entire gas-fired boiler it is very large, so users in the usual course of adjustment is necessary to strengthen the control of the boiler, including the timely and quality control gas pressure changes in circumstances, gas and hot air to ensure reasonable ratio; when viewed ignition gas, adjust the size of the second damper, to change the operating angle of the operating layer when necessary; when the low load conditions change, to adjust the negative pressure combustion furnace, adjusting gas, the ratio of hot air, to ensure that the furnace coordination with the flame does not skew the layers of good gas opening. Further, the material can be appropriately improved gas burner in the boiler, it is recommended to select superior steel materials, wear resistant and adding functionality. Selection of swirler vanes refractory steel material, so to avoid burning due to swirling vanes configured fall burner opening deformation damage. In addition, be sure to strict accordance with the drawings need to adjust the gas boiler burners standards to ensure tangential firing flame in the furnace, ensure the stable operation of the gas boiler. On the practical application of gas-fired boiler There are many different applications and different habits, a variety of problems, if users also encountered other problems, you can consult our technical staff, to welcome the advice, we will the attitude of enthusiasm for your service needs.