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Before Mengzhou gas steam boiler plant dealer 1t georgia steam boiler gas equipment installation procedures, may complete the "Install to start the application report", and include and bring not only the material contained in the following location to all of the gas boiler steam boiler supervisory agencies for boiler installation permit procedures after being approved before it can start: ① is a copy of the license gas steam boiler equipment; ② gas steam boiler equipment installation application starts report and installation construction plans; ③ gas steam boiler certificate material; ④ equipment between the plane between CAD drawings and equipment planning materials ; ⑤ equipment companies to participate in professional certified installation staff. Former gas steam boiler equipment, equipment enterprises also need to carry gas steam boiler and pressure vessel inspection of the quality control unit "to start installing the application report" to seat everyone has agreed to sign "letters of responsibility for quality of the installation agreement" on the Inspection Department equipment quality gas steam boiler to maintain supervision.

Fangkuai boiler plant dealer 1t georgia for you to sort out 30 boiler operation common problems and solutions, after learning, do not forget to share with your friends oh. 1, why chemical cleaning of newly installed and overhauled boilers? In the process of manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance of boiler, it is inevitable that some impurities such as dirt, iron chips, welding slag, iron oxide and so on will be produced and glued to the pressure parts of the steam and water system in the process of manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance. As soon as these impurities enter the steam-water system in operation, they will do great harm to the boilers and steam turbines. Therefore, the boilers before they are installed and overhauled must be chemically cleaned to remove them. 2. What are the rules for the time and temperature of water supply before boiler start-up? Why? The inlet speed of boiler before start-up should not be too fast, usually no less than 4 hours in winter, 2-3 hours in other seasons, especially in the initial stage of water intake. The inlet water temperature of a cold boiler is generally at 50 ℃ 90 ℃, so that the difference between the feed water temperature entering the drum and the wall temperature of the drum is less than 40 ℃. The inlet water temperature of the uncooled boiler can be compared with the drum wall temperature, and the general difference should be controlled within 40 ℃, otherwise the inlet water speed should be slowed down. The main reasons are as follows: (1) because the drum wall is thicker and the expansion is slow, the tube wall connected to the drum wall is thinner and the expansion is faster. If the inlet temperature is too high or the inlet speed is too fast, it will cause unevenness of expansion, crack of welding joint and damage of equipment. (2) when the feed water enters the drum, it always contacts the lower wall of the drum first. If the difference between the feed water temperature and the drum wall temperature is too large, the speed of entering water is fast, the upper and lower walls of the drum and the inner and outer walls will produce a larger expansion difference. Cause large additional stress to steam drum, cause steam drum deformation, produce crack 3 when serious, how does the low temperature corrosion of tail heated surface produce? Formation of SO2,SO2 from sulfur Combustion in fuel combined with oxygen in flue Gas to form SO3, when the temperature of the heating surface is lower than the dew point of the flue gas The steam in flue gas is combined with SO3 to form sulphuric acid steam, which condenses on the heated surface and results in low temperature corrosion of the heated surface. The cold end of air preheater is prone to low temperature corrosion. 4, when the emergency shutdown? (1) when the drum water level exceeds the limit. (2) when all water level gauges of the boiler are damaged. (3) explosion of superheated steam pipeline, reheated steam pipeline and main water supply pipeline. (4) when reburning occurs at the end of the boiler. (5) all suction, fan and air preheater stop operation. (6) when reheating steam is interrupted. (7) Boiler pressure rises to safe door operating pressure, and all When the safety door refuses to move. (8) when an explosion occurs in the furnace or in the flue causing serious damage to the equipment. (9) when a boiler extinguishes a fire. (10) when a fire breaks out in the boiler room, it will directly affect the safe operation of the boiler. (11) when the furnace tube blasting cannot maintain the normal water level of the drum. (12) when all operator stations are blackscreen or crash at the same time and the main parameters are out of control. 5, how do I flush the drum water level meter? There are three processes for flushing the water level gauge: water side flushing: opening the drain gate, closing the steam side door, opening the water side door; steam side flushing: opening the discharge door, closing the water side door, opening the steam side door; Open the discharge door, open the steam side door, open the water side door. Rinse and close the drain door.

CAUSE industrial boiler plant dealer 1t georgia scale formation of what are the reasons for the industrial boiler scale formation which has industrial boiler scale formation which has first of all, water treatment measures are not in place. Situation local industrial boiler water treatment methods are set out below: Some of the salt tank with the use of small water treatment apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the outer pot water), some of trisodium phosphate and sodium hydroxide was added to the pot (hereinafter referred to as pot- ), while some units are not taking any water treatment measures, direct operation of the boiler. The outer pot using water, some units in the design of a water treatment system, the local water quality testing is not performed, the washing apparatus and the backwash time are not set according to local water conditions, the hardness of the water supply when a large, positive and negative wash time is inadequate. Are washed lack of time, can cause water supply quality standards, and the lack of time will result in the backwash exchange properties of the resin gradually decreased until failure. In the selection of water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment selection of some units capacity is too small, does not match the rated boiler evaporation, can not meet the water supply needs. Also in the installation and operation of water treatment equipment, water pressure does not reach, it will also affect the normal operation of water treatment equipment. The use of pot-use units, some only use sodium hydroxide or unreasonable use of the ratio of two drugs, an insufficient amount to some at the time of dosing pot, add the drug, or add less than the frequency of drugs, or frequency is not fixed, sometimes pay more, sometimes less plus, often when the operator aware of the dosing dosing, failure to strictly follow the rules dosing, the drug failed to change according to changes in boiler load of the added amount, this will non-compliance resulting in water supply, boiler heating surface fouling. A situation that prevails, and a great influence on boiler fouling. Second, the sewage is not a lack of diligence or emissions. Some people in charge of rural baths, sewage think too much waste, sewage is not timely or a small amount of sewage, resulting in high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions and salts can not be discharged, calcium and magnesium ions inside the boiler and salt concentration gradually, gradually formed scale. Increase managers are not aware of boiler fouling caused by coal consumption, the loss of economic costs and the impact on safety. Others are lax management unit, boiler rules are not perfect, fireman inadequate business knowledge, sense of duty, these conditions can also cause sewage below standard. In addition, industrial boiler units are generally not full-time water quality laboratory technicians, laboratory technicians and no part of the water quality, clear quality of the boiler feed water and boiler water, can only be opened when found inside the boiler scale realized that quality is not up, or unable to make timely feedback regulation, resulting in increased internal boiler scale or the amount of scale which has to a certain extent.

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