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In the process of using steam hot water 8t price boiler armenia, when the water containing impurities enters the boiler, with the continuous evaporation and concentration of water, the concentration of impurities in the water increases gradually. When the boiler reaches a certain limit, it will bring some adverse effects to the boiler. The way to deal with this situation is to discharge the boiler, so what matters need to be paid attention to when discharging the boiler? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone. (1) before discharge, the boiler water level shall be adjusted slightly above the normal water level. When discharging water, closely monitor the water level to prevent gas-fired boilers from running short of water as a result of pollution discharge. After sewerage, there can be no more sound of water flowing in the pipe. After a period of time, then touch with your hand. Sewerage pipe, if the feeling temperature is high, indicate sewage valve has seal condition, must find out the reason to be eliminated. (2) according to the principle of diligence, less row, and uniform arrangement, each shift should be discharged at least once. When a gas-fired boiler has several sewage pipes at the same time, all sewage pipes should be discharged in turn. If only one part is discharged and no other part is discharged for a long time, the water quality of the furnace will be reduced or some sewage pipes will be blocked. It can even break the water cycle and have a pipe explosion. When multiple boilers use one main drainage pipe at the same time, it is prohibited to discharge water simultaneously to prevent the sewage from flowing back to the adjacent boiler. (3) Sewerage shall be discharged after the boiler is pressed or at a low load When, at this time boiler water circulation is slow, the slag scale is easy to accumulate, the discharge effect is good. (4) the discharge operation of gas-fired boiler should be short and discontinuous, that is to say, after each discharge valve is opened, it should be closed again. So repeated several times, rely on suction to make the slag quickly confluence to the sewage outlet, and then centralize the discharge. If the first discharge time is too long, the concentration of slag scale in the pot water is first high and then low, which not only reduces the discharge effect, but also increases the amount of sewage discharge, thus causing the local water circulation to fall. (5) the adjustment operation of the surface discharge is realized by the opening of the regulating valve, and the value is determined by the test results of the water quality of the pot. It is possible to discharge steam hot water boiler on a regular basis. In order to make the boiler water quality meet the standard requirements, maintain good water quality, slow down or prevent scale formation, ensure the use of steam hot water boiler.

Henan Miduo Qi Food Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2000, over the years, the company has been committed to the development and production of various types of snack foods, with constant innovation and accumulation, the company has grown into Henan agricultural industrialization leading enterprises "Mi Duoqi" produced products also has named "Henan-free products", "quality products in Henan Province" and "brand-name products in Henan Province." In the first half of this year, fast Boiler stand out in the heavy multi-8t price boiler armenia brands, to achieve cooperation with the Mi Duoqi food, 20 tons of steam to provide a water tube steam boiler (SZS20-1.6-Y.Q) is Mi Duoqi food.

A natural circulation 8t price boiler armenia in the boiler of natural circulation, water pump pressure feeding a given, via economizer heat into the evaporation system, the downcomer in the furnace outside, not heated, the working fluid flowing in the pipe water; in the evaporator tube heated , flowing in the tube is soda compound. Since the vapor density less than the density of water, so that the water drops of the inner tube greater density than soda mixture in evaporator tubes. Under the effect of the difference in density, the lower header on both sides of the working fluid pressure imbalance exists, so as to promote the flow of the working fluid circulating in a closed system evaporation.

Steam 8t price boiler armenia plant how to judge the phenomenon occurs when less water is already the minimum water level inferior to a predetermined height, the water meter water level can still be seen, is slightly less water; water was observed when the counted water level can not be measured when, for severe water shortages. Status summarized below: inferior to a predetermined height (1) Drum Level reasonable level height; (2) low water prompt, automatically sounds an alarm, warning lights; (3) the superheated steam temperature is increased; (4) the amount of water unreasonable, less than the amount of steam; (5) increase the temperature of flue gas emissions.