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steam boiler for dyeing

Why India clients choose 35 ton coal fired circulating fluidized bed boiler for textile plant

Boiler furnace excess air control how to adjust? Boiler furnace combustion furnace excess air affects, therefore, how to effectively control the excess air ratio, is one of the prerequisites to protect the boiler reasonable run. Today to excess higher degree of automation of the gas boiler furnace air as an example to explain:

How to select steam boiler for dyeing steam boiler heat exchanger is generally divided into two categories, one is a direct contact heat exchanger, and the other is an indirect heat exchanger. They are used to recover flue gas heat, to achieve energy saving effect of the separation device. Conventional steam boiler through a simple transformation, such as the installation of waste heat recovery unit, can improve the energy efficiency of the boiler, which is the energy-saving advantages of steam boilers. To promote energy saving is largely the cause of the country, to create more profits for the company, cost savings. Choose a good heat exchanger is one way to achieve energy efficiency goals. Direct contact heat exchanger is a steam boiler with heat recovery and a high ability to remove pollutants in flue gas, but acidic water quality, not easy to use in hot water heating boiler. Is the so-called indirect heat exchanger means we usually refer to recover heat from the flue gas condensation. Today, more and more people choose to use the steam boiler, the proportion of the market is also increasing. Such steam boiler flue gas discharged contains a large amount of steam, by condensation and release large amounts of latent heat of vaporization. Coal-fired boiler efficiency is much higher than coal-fired boilers. This boiler has a good effect on the selection of the indirect heat exchanger.

After the boiler put into use, such as the hotel responsible person to give us feedback: fast boiler advanced product design, simple and intuitive operation, the most critical is energy saving, low NOx emissions, can be used in the Beijing area. Compared with other boiler brands, fast Boiler made us worry. --customer feedback