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State all the more attention to environmental protection, to provide more excellent atmosphere, we respond positively to the country's environmental protection, promote the boiler feed pump gc from coal to gas project. Among the many boiler suppliers, we chose the fast boiler. First, the party quickly done very well in terms of cleaning the boiler, the second is fast side also very comprehensive after-sales involved. The optional gas boiler was used after running fully meet the needs of our pharmaceutical production, both energy-saving and environmental protection, but also a very high thermal efficiency, saved us a lot of fuel costs. --customer feedback

There are reasons for which reason the chemical plant boiler feed pump gc scaling chemical boiler fouling which most chemical plant boiler fouling is mainly due to poor management, operation and management related to the implementation of strict rules and regulations of the boiler. Operation and management regarding the use of the boiler, the state promulgated TSGG0001-2012 "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", defined the system and the boiler room eight seven records. But in practice, some units just boiler room system on the wall, and there is no theory with practice, and to the daily operation, there are rules and not follow. Work careless treatment, after treatment the water quality not up to standard, hardness seriously overweight, causing boiler fouling. Some believe that the use of units of small boilers, low pressure, with or without treatment irrelevant, scale control measures is not a serious threat to the use of safe boiler. Some units use water treatment equipment is not complete, without making tests on their experience plus a variety of boiler scale remover, can not effectively remedy, but the formation of a new drug scale. Boiler fouling also invested in water treatment equipment and water treatment positively related to personnel. Chemical boiler water treatment work is a more technical work, staffing qualified water treatment requirements. But in the actual operation of the boiler, some water treatment personnel do not hold valid operating permits, work is not strong sense of responsibility, failed to sampling tests, some also copy the previous test record, beautify the test results, resulting in the illusion. From the point of view of water treatment records are qualified, but because they do not know the symptoms of boiler scale can not be the right remedy, leading to the boiler fouling. Use part of the unit, no water treatment facilities, water treatment facilities are obsolete or in disrepair, improper selection, etc., are not effectively cleaning, will affect the safe operation of the boiler. Boiler scaling is also associated with the raw water quality, improper selection of detergents and other factors. Small chemical plant boilers, mostly small-scale private processing plants, in order to avoid environmental responsibility, most remote areas in the mountains and other election. In general, water, a lower surface hardness, suspended solids larger, higher turbidity. Groundwater less suspended solids, turbidity is very small, small seasonal changes, stable quality, hardness is primarily related to the outflow formed, high hardness karst formed, forming a low hardness granite. If not the characteristics of raw water, corresponding to the selected detergent, good cleaning effect. Raw water turbidity is too high, it is easy to plug the resin without precipitation treatment, boiler fouling accelerated.

Efficient hot water boiler feed pump gc introduce today introduce efficient hot water boiler. Selection of three horizontal wet return back configuration, to improve boiler operating environment, and the life of the power boiler progress; all of the flue gas channel is placed in water, the tail with heat and sound insulation outer tank design, choice of cigarette box sealing labyrinth structure, avoid tobacco smoke box leak scene. Thermal power boiler up to 90%, selected outstanding swell function of the tapered corrugated furnace furnace furnace combination, flame-scale furnace coincides seq flue gas flow area is reduced, the flue gas constant activities, to ensure that high temperature flue gas in the heat exchange time of the furnace, to achieve the best effect of heat transfer; exact match selection boiler burning high performance machine, a comprehensive conditioning active, so that plenty of burning fuel savings, decreased pollution; use of high insulation fine glass wool function, heat loss is smaller; the choice of intelligent energy-saving control system for boiler and water supply, heating, automatic control system for temperature control, can not reach the same fuel load conditioning supply, saving even more. Means for all packaged boiler embodiment, the oscillation is small, no special requirements on the ground, without fixing bolt, means schematically easy. Selection activity burner configuration can be matched various incinerator, replacement burner, convenient repair furnace. The front and rear smoke box using removable construction activities, you can easily check the inside of the boiler, protection, conservation, simple, fast, innovative product design, reasonable structure, outstanding technological functions, so that the product has different s outstanding high quality, It is the latest development of new products.

4 tph WNS series gas-fired fire tube boiler feed pump gc project for NongFu SpringSteam boilers are typically indispensable pieces of equipment in the production, providing enough steam for filtration, sterilization, aseptic filling and other processes. Nongfu Spring is one of China’s leading bottled water supplier, producing natural drinking waters, vegetable and fruit juices, functional beverages and other natural soft drinks. Nowadays, large scale production has been carried out in eight high-quality water sources. Nongfu Spring has always worked hard to be conscientious in taking care of the environment. This time, they decided to order several gas-fired boilers for green development. ZOZEN is preferred by Nongfu Spring by their rich experience and systematic solutions, helping provide two sets of 4 tph WNS series gas-fired fire tube boilers. Large corrugated furnace is adopted by these boilers for fuels to be fully burned and works with thread smoke tube, which makes thermal efficiency reach above 98%. Furthermore, ultra-low NOx emissions are able to be realized. Fully automatic safe operation can help save the running cost.