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Energy Saving Distributor Boiler 8t

In the last meeting on April 16, the hard efforts of audits and company officials of president Mr. Lu Haigang couplet review group to pay thanked rigorous review and couplets group work style, professional skills to express my sincere admiration. Ms. Jiang Lianju warranty division said it will continue to improve the ASME quality control system to ensure produce sophisticated products comply with ASME standards. According to ASME certification process, after the on-site audit, the company will obtain certification and stamp issued within 20 working days, this will be the development of our company in the history of another "milestone" event.

When operating the energy saving distributor boiler 8t, what is the "waters"? When the boiler water gauge did not see the water level, wash first with water table method to determine water or with water. If it is determined that water, water level meter for even the highest fire tube boiler is lower than the boundary, emergency shutdown immediately, reducing the furnace temperature, the main steam valve and to close the valve. For larger capacity of water, and the water boiler higher than even the highest fire tube boiler industry, can be "called water" method to determine the severity of water shortages, in order to take appropriate measures. When the "waters" to determine water shortage is not serious, it can continue to the boiler feed water, the water level returned to normal, gradually warming up to start burning equipment, boost operational. Through the "waters", sentenced to severe water shortages, have emergency shutdown, non-blind feed water to the boiler. Never allow chances attempt to cover liability resulting boiler water shortage and water supply blind. This wrong approach often lead to disaster, expansion of the accident, causing the boiler furnace explosion and crash. The method of "waters" are: (1) turn on the water tap open water table. (2) stripping off cock. (3) close the water cock. (4) and then turn on the water tap is closed. (5) and then turn the tap water, to see whether there is water out from the water pipe is connected. If out of the water, the water is slightly; if no water appears, proved to be a serious shortage. "Waters" process can be repeated several times but not delay too long, so the expansion of the accident. "Waters" principles of operation are: After draining cock open, then close the steam, the water pipe connected between the water cock and the table, so that a large vapor communication with the water table, water gauge pressure is zero. Then again closed drain cocks open water pipe connected between the water cock and the water table, because the pressure within the drum water level higher than the inner pressure table, if the drum water level is in the vicinity of the water pipe connected to the water vapor stream is brought into water table, which shows the extent of water shortage is not serious. If the "waters" has never been in the water table level, water is considered more serious.

How to deal with the causes of water shortage in Fangkuai energy saving distributor boiler 8t? (1) the causes of water shortage a, the failure of water supply regulation device or the failure of water supply automatic regulation were not discovered in time. B, water level gauge, steam flow meter or feed water flow meter is not correct, which causes the operator to misjudge and operate wrongly. C, the boiler load has plummeted. D, water pressure drop. E, boiler sewage pipe, valve leakage, excessive discharge. F, water wall, economizer tube burst or leak. (2) the phenomenon of water shortage: a, the water level in the drum is lower than the gauge. A set normal water level. B, the water level indicator is below the normal minimum water level standard, and the water level alarm signals low water level. C, superheated steam temperature rises. D, the feed water flow rate is abnormally smaller than the steam flow rate. (3) when the boiler steam pressure and feed water pressure are normal and the drum water level falls below the normal water level, the following measures shall be taken: a, Compare and flush the drum water level gauge to see if it is correct. B, water supply regulation from automatic to manual, if the automatic non-electric, can be changed to manual, and increase boiler feed water. C, if treated by the above method After that, when the water level in the drum is still low, the discharge gate of the boiler and economizer should be checked. If it is found that the economizer is damaged by a large amount of water leakage and affects the water level and water circulation, the boiler should be stopped by the dispatch. D, if measures are taken to restore the water level, the water level shall continue to fall, and when the allowable minimum water level is reached, the dispatch room shall be reported and the boiler load shall be reduced. E, if the water level continues to decrease and disappears from the drum water level gauge, the boiler unit operation shall be stopped immediately and the upper water supply to the boiler shall be prohibited. (4) due to carelessness of the operator, the water level shall disappear in the drum water level gauge. Failure to detect them in a timely manner should be dealt with in accordance with the following measures: B, when the water level appears in the drum water level meter, the boiler feed water can be increased and the water level should be restored. C, when the water level fails to appear in the drum water level gauge, the boiler shall be shut down immediately and the water intake into the boiler shall be strictly prohibited.

Electric energy saving distributor boiler 8t manufacturers use a very wide practical application electric boiler manufacturers of the practical application of very versatile, practical applications: corrugated paper production plus we very often use the wrapping paper, leaflets, books and pictures and so on in life, and these paper the production is take some of the steam boiler to provide steam to high temperature processing package. Especially corrugated paper processing industry is particularly strong demand for steam, the general printing and packaging Facer how to complete the appropriate equipment to provide steam steam it? A color packaging plant in Zhengzhou Yafei Ling recently purchased a 0.6T, 400KW steam boiler for supporting Facer, their printed materials with high precision printing, solid ink, color and delicate, flowing lines and so on. Food processing and drying a lot of people like to eat cookies, crackers generally are more crispy and delicious taste, some people still prefer to make cookies at home, but sometimes not enough biscuits made out of crisp, very soft, especially manufacturers in the production time if this happens, then the loss is very serious, so how dry steam boilers through drying large quantities of biscuits cookies do? We know that different types of biscuits on the baking temperature and time requirements are not the same, so the temperature and time in the process of drying employed are also different, which requires a relatively high temperature, if the temperature is too high or time is too long, it will be excessively dried biscuits, leading to qualitative, rather Yafei Ling biscuit baking steam boiler capable of multi-position adjustment, precise temperature control, and therefore only either of the timing of interest cookies baked in the drying process dry degree, so as to make good the quality control of biscuits. Sometimes the problem because the temperature will lead to the production of biscuits is not fragile, even a little soft, perhaps because of different size and quality of biscuit, resulting in uneven baking time, and some have been burned, while others not cooked, but the use of cookies baking steam boiler steam surrounded by a 360-baked biscuits and down so as to ensure uniform heating, so that the baking achieve the best results. Laundry eluting hospital sterilization machines, dryers, ironing machines, folding machines and other necessary accessories laundry, of course, also need a power source. The choice of a steam boiler with a hospital laundry room, laundry room each staff member has a different view. A lot of people in order to reduce the initial investment, do not want to install supporting the steam plant and the choice of using electric heating laundry equipment, but in the long term, laundry room will certainly regret for the latter part of high electricity bills, after all steam-powered equipment consumption electric power is only a small fraction of heating. So, in terms of cost, laundry room with steam as a power source to save more. In addition, the terms for the washing effect, in fact, no matter Which laundry room accessories supporting the use of steam boilers is better than electric heating. Steam has a unique way of working, not only clean clothes, to stretch fluffy effect, but also can remove wrinkles and odors, more comfortable to use, these are electric heating can not be done. SIN said ironing process, in order to achieve the effect of ironing, the iron must be artificially increases electric water work clothes, complicated process, the results over the ironing; and supporting the laundry is not the same steam boiler, steam humidifier itself comprising function, the garment surface is sprayed play leveling effect, without pressure, to ensure fluffy texture.