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lpg fired steam boiler textile food industries

Heating boiler superheater heating stove maintenance process for a predetermined maintenance process for a predetermined superheater: compressed air on the other in the flow direction of flue gas external superheater fouling, for not blow clean hard scratch-off of fouling. When the sootblowing start the induced draft fan, open the appropriate opening degree of the damper flap. In each overhaul of superheater tubes should abrasion etc. inspection and expanding the crude, the crude by measuring the degree of expansion card superheater, exceeds the standard should be replaced with new pipes, a degree of wear of the caliper measurement superheater, exceeds the standard by replace with new tube, to check visually the superheater tubes, light or the like the degree of curvature drawn wire, bent beyond the standard should be corrected or new ones, after the inspection and make a record.

Still 8 cultural and creative industrial park is located in the Chaoyang District, Beijing, Bali Zhuang Chen Lin, No. 2, construction area of ​​493,300 square meters. Surrounded by quintessence of Court, Red Sandalwood Museum, Shanxi Museum and other famous attractions. Due to its special geographical location, has very stringent requirements for providing heat boiler plants. Carefully selected to finalize cooperation with our company, signed a two He Lide series complete condensation pressure hot water boiler.

Steam boiler superheater tubes 1 and the explosion accidents, lpg fired steam boiler textile food industries superheater tubes near the bursting phenomenon ⑴ superheater discharge steam explosions or sound. ⑵ steam flow decreases abnormally, the abnormal flow of feed water flow to less than. ⑶ furnace pressure is reduced or made positive, the door severe, see the fire and smoke outwardly steam discharge hole. ⑷ flue gas temperature after the superheater is abnormally reduced or increased temperature difference before and after the flue gas superheater. When ⑸ serious damage, boiler steam pressure drop. ⑹ exhaust gas temperature decreased significantly, the chimney flue gas into a gray or white color. ⑺ draft fan load increased, the current increased. 2, the superheater tubes blasting process ⑴ minor rupture superheater tubes, can be appropriately reduced load, to maintain operation within a short time, this time should be closely monitored for leakage, at the same time, rapid start standby boiler. If the monitoring process fault conditions worsen, it should be shutdown as soon as possible. When ⑵ superheater tubes rupture serious and must emergency shutdown.

Before using lpg fired steam boiler textile food industriess, but also note the use of taboos, can not be arbitrary use, to prevent unforeseen circumstances, staff should make the appropriate training. He too is a modern industrial equipment, bring a lot of convenience to people's life and work, but there will be inadequate.