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hindustan coca cola company boiler diagrams atmakur

Outside the principle of gas steam hindustan coca cola company boiler diagrams atmakur precautions as routine maintenance What? In this regard gas steam boiler, the content it contains is very large, so today or continue content in this area, is divided into two aspects, one is the boiler considerations, the second is the routine maintenance of gas steam boiler . Well, since understanding of the content will be introduced, following on to concrete expansion, so that we can learn more knowledge content gas steam boiler. Notes 1. Gas-fired steam boilers (1) Gas-fired steam boiler at the factory, should be accompanied by quality certification, safety instructions and other supporting information. (2) Installation of gas steam boiler, repair and renovation should be obtained qualifications in this area for the job, not blindly, to avoid problems. (3) gas steam boiler can be used to register after the registration, and the job to be performed by professional. (4) the operator while operating the boiler, and eight systems should abide by the rules and six records. (5) Gas-fired steam boiler and safety accessories to be tested on a regular basis, no test can not be used. Routine maintenance of gas steam boiler 2. (1) Gas gauge steam boiler, water gauge, safety valve, sewage plant, the steam supply valve and the valve or the like, to be examined, which meets the performance requirements. (2) Automatic control device system also checks whether the compliance requirements. (3) gas steam boiler feed water system, but also is possible to meet the inspection requirements. (4) the blower, fan, damper, etc., are intact, working. (5) Gas-fired steam boiler should be regularly checked once a problem is found to be in time, so as not to affect the normal operation.

Second Session of the CPPCC National Committee Session of March 5 press conference held in the afternoon, the CPPCC National Committee of Population, Resources and Environment Committee, Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee, Environmental Management Division of the Ministry of Ecology Environment Atmospheric Liu Bingjiang said: Last year, resolve more than 30 million tons of steel production capacity, 810 million kilowatts of coal-fired units basically reached the national emission levels of natural gas, built the world's largest clean coal power base, out of 1.3 million units in industrial furnaces, coal accounts for the country's primary energy consumption the proportion of first time below the 60% to 59%, and turned off the small coal-fired hindustan coca cola company boiler diagrams atmakurs 23000 units.

At present the country has completed a preliminary air pollution control goals, the future will continue to promote coal-fired boilers governance, and the introduction of more stringent emission performance standards of air pollution.

Condensing hindustan coca cola company boiler diagrams atmakur and the difference between the ordinary boiler: the difference between 1: Combustion different operating state during normal operation, the air drawn by the gas mixture combustion ratio, the higher the proportion of gas is completely combusted, the higher the efficiency, the respective emissions targets smaller. But we ordinary rules currently burning gas utilization is around 91%, is not able to achieve complete mixing ratio combustion, heat loss is too large, and the use of new technologies condensing boiler does not have this problem. Condensing boiler thermal efficiency greater than 100% up to 108%. Condensing with a new technology, high cost, so the cost of the machine will be slightly higher than the normal price. The difference between 2: Because of the design life of different traditions key parts of the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, coupled with water quality and other issues, will make the product useful life can theoretically reach 15 years. Condensing boiler service life (theory about 25 years) due to its advanced technology, service life is far greater than generally required to tradition.

Routine maintenance routine maintenance process gas hindustan coca cola company boiler diagrams atmakur gas boiler gas boiler can be divided into two parts: preparation and running before the start of the examination. Before starting to prepare: 1. Check the air pressure is normal, the valve leaks, the switching valve is in place. 2. The gas alarm system is tested to determine if it can work, and if the fan can be started. three. Check the water softening system. Softener should be in working condition, the tank level should be normal. 4. Check valve switch boiler and decontamination work. The circulation pump outlet valve closed, to start the circulation pump, slowly open the water outlet valve, the outlet pressure is adjusted to 0.3 ~ 0.35mpa, and the pressure is adjusted to reflux for 0.2 ~ 0.25mpa. Running check: 1. Open the power boiler, the boiler normal ignition operation monitoring, checking and each member state of the flame sound. 2. The heating boiler operating conditions can not be ignored, large and small units commutation control conditions should be normal. 4, the temperature difference of each recording circuit water, the water supply valve to adjust the return water temperature by two hours the water pressure and temperature recording every each circuit. 5. After checking the boiler pressure, temperature anomalies, should be stopped and checked. 6. Check the gas flow and gas pressure stability is within the normal range, to determine whether there is clogging the filter. 7. Check the pressure pump to see if there is abnormal noise and other anomalies.