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takuma water tube boiler type n.600

Winterized gas hot water takuma water tube boiler type n.600 heating system can handle a lot of heating units use gas hot water boilers for heating residential or office area in the winter. Taking into account the particular winter weather, the boiler room will do a lot of heat treatment, to prevent the cracking occurs due to the cold boiler at runtime. But this is not enough, gas hot water boiler itself also have to make antifreeze treatment. First, a user should choose a suitable antifreeze as the case of the gas hot water boiler plumbing system. Many gas hot water boilers and plumbing systems used aluminum alloy material may be selected silicate antifreeze; however, the system for cast iron, it is necessary to add corrosion inhibitors, PH value is adjusted to between 8-9. Also note that you want to purchase by the state designated testing station tested and antifreeze products, if the use of substandard antifreeze heating system will corrode if the gas hot water boiler plumbing system had not using antifreeze, then added flush the plumbing system before antifreeze. Question about the freezing point of antifreeze, to use different freezing point of antifreeze antifreeze use according to the temperature regions. Antifreeze freezing point should be lower than the historical low temperature in the region of 5-10 ℃; can not mix different brands of antifreeze, so as not to damage their overall corrosion resistance. When the gas hot water boiler running for some time, antifreeze will be appropriate to reduce some of this time to check the density of antifreeze. If the boiler does not increase the density of antifreeze, which may be caused due to the leakage, should be added to antifreeze the same model; if the density drops, most likely due to water evaporation caused, at this time should be added distilled or deionized water .

Advantages premix takuma water tube boiler type n.600 module 1. Safety: premix combustion, controlled combustion conditions, combustion stability. Compared to traditional boilers, boiler module premix is ​​no security risk due to excessive pressure generated, and hot water delivery is also easier to control than steam. 2. Environmental: compared with the conventional air combustion, boiler module premix premix combustion technology, more complete combustion, flue gas of small size, low pollutant emissions. By the departments of State authority, NOx emissions below 30mg / m³, CO emissions lower than 90ppm, and in line with better than national standards and European standards. 3. Intelligent: modular multi-parallel control, parallel controller can initiate the system out of the water temperature according to its own distribution, the number of equipment units outage, heat to achieve dynamic balance of supply and demand, without staff on duty, to avoid over-heating and heating shortage situation. Durable: premix heat exchanger using boiler module interfaces without welding process, the weld due to eliminate the risk of corrosion and leakage fundamentally made of stainless steel, long service life. Accessories used mainly industry-leading brands to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. 4. Energy: operating at a low temperature, the thermal efficiency of the boiler module premix up to 108%: integrated thermal efficiency of 105%. Far more than the state's level of energy efficiency indicators! Traditional and atmospheric gas boilers compared to gas savings of up to 35%. 5. Light-owned: premix changed the traditional boiler module "with a preparation of" operating mode, each high mutual backup module, equipment investment and utilization. Single small module size, light weight, easy to transport. Once a module fails, the whole system does not have to stop running, easy maintenance.

What is the reason of galvanizing oil-fired gas takuma water tube boiler type n.600?What is the reason of galvanizing oil-fired gas boiler? The burner of oil-fired gas-fired boiler is the key component of the boiler. It is very important to select the type of burner and whether the boiler is fit, and the control and regulation of combustion are very important. The function of the burner is to organize the good combustion of fuel equipment. Therefore, the fuel should be atomized into fine particles and the oxygen needed for fuel combustion should be supplied at the same time. Therefore, the burner consists of two parts: the fuel supply equipment and the oxygen supply equipment. The computer control system is another main component of the oil-gas boiler, which is equivalent to the brain of the human body, to achieve the uploading of all kinds of commands. If used properly, there are few hardware problems. The furnace body is subjected to high temperature drying The intermediate of baking, transferring heat and producing the necessary heat medium, its working condition is bad, its output is large, its quality determines the length of the whole boiler's life, the material chosen should have greater corrosion resistance and better tensile strength. And good thermal conductivity. More customers will require galvanizing treatment on the furnace body, which will have the following advantages. Zinc is a very active metal that is extremely easy to oxidize, but zinc oxide is not a loose powder like iron oxide, but a dense surface layer. This layer of zinc oxide prevents further oxidation of zinc inside. When the surface of galvanized steel sheet is damaged, dew When it comes to the internal surface of iron, zinc is more active than iron, so according to chemical battery principles, zinc is oxidized prior to iron, thus protecting the iron layer from damage. Therefore, the service life of galvanized boiler will be extended. Secondly, it can prevent the boiler from producing yellow water and affect the water quality. Boiler in the factory pressure test, testing the welding quality of the boiler, in this process there will be part of the residual moisture, the internal relatively wet, will have a slight oxidation. If used in areas of slightly poor water quality, a layer of scale will be attached to the wall of the furnace and pipe wall during use, and the rusty part of the original steel plate will be covered, so there will be no yellow water, if the water quality is less than that of the water. Good area use, in the process of boiler use will not produce scale, the original steel plate rust will not be covered, so yellow water will be generated. There are two sides to the existence of things. Where the quality of water is good, the life of the boiler is much longer than that of the area where the quality of the water is worse than that of the area where the water does not produce yellow water.

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