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boiler water in power plant

Causes and Control Measures gas hot water boiler water in power plant Priming: The hot water boiler main gas hot water boiler and hot water boiler fuel, when they appear Priming: steam boiler evaporation surface, the water rises together, and produce large amounts of foam fluctuating phenomenon; boiler will occur once priming with water, steam, steam quality decrease, causing overheating structure vibration and water hammer, impact damage to the superheater and safety equipment operation.

Parties were quick to go to Shanxi Changzhi, boiler water in power plant security popularize knowledge of this year, fast boiler should Changzhi City, Shanxi Province Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection (referred to Changzhi City, the special prosecutor) was invited for Changzhi City, more than 200 enterprises use boilers unit representatives of the gas boiler safety and technical training. Fang fast professional engineers with many years of use awareness of the boiler, in simple terms, the boiler eleven points to secure technical knowledge, has won numerous praise.

The boiler water in power plant is a wide range of energy conversion equipment for a wide range of applications. Among them, the textile industry is inseparable from boilers, especially steam boilers. The demand for steam boilers in the global textile industry has reached a terrible number, and the application of various steam boilers in Zhengzhou has become more and more popular in various textile industries. So, which steam boilers in ZG boiler are suitable for the textile industry?

High temperature and high pressure wood fired CFB boiler water in power plant, adopting the technology of circulation fluidized bed from Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and is designed by ZG having completely independent intellectual property rights. The main parameters: rated capacity upto 300t/h, rated steam pressure upto 10 Mpa, rated steam temperature upto 500℃.The boiler has the features of high efficiency, less pollution, energy saving and convenient control.