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merk water boiler yang bagus

In Harbin fifth session of the Fourth Session of the National People's Congress, coal-fired boilers governance as a key task to be mentioned again. Meeting specific targets: by 2019, Harbin will govern coal-fired boilers, boiler out of 35 tons and below do not have to upgrade conditions, starting 65 tons or more of coal-fired boilers and energy-saving ultra-low emissions transformation.

2019, Harbin will continue to strictly control the total amount and quality of coal, according to local conditions to solve the shanty towns, suburban town (township) village coal powder burning problem by briquetting, Burying to field, the way raw material cogeneration, effective path to explore the comprehensive utilization of straw, the straw open-air Jinshao continue to focus on the work to implement the required emission limits industrial emissions, car exhaust strengthen, kitchen fumes, dust and other site management, effectively improve air quality.

2018, Harbin City, air pollution, elimination of coal-fired boilers 1191 units, biomass boilers to replace more than 10,000 units, updated bi-fuel taxi 1270 units, 1323 units of new energy buses, comprehensive utilization of straw and prohibiting open-air work strength forward, ambient air quality fine days up to 312 days, an increase of 42 days over the previous year, the highest level since the ultra-high PM2.5 monitoring.

Boiler Model WNS WNS full price which device comprises a boiler type of gas boiler, which are divided into two categories WNS WNS steam boilers and hot merk water boiler yang baguss, the two are divided into different types depending on the tonnage of the boiler, from the smallest 0.5 tons to 10 tons the largest gas-fired boiler, the performance of different models is different, this article focuses to introduce a full set of equipment and price parameters at WNS boiler. Ado, I give the hard goods point, a complete set of gas-fired boiler There are several components, for example, such as one ton of gas hot water boiler WNS contains a full set: 1, WNS1-1.0-Y (Q ) boiler host because it is packaged boiler, as a whole. 2, instrument valves, the boiler must be equipped with the necessary accessories. 3, a water pump, the boiler plant was purchased member 4, PLC cabinet, the boiler plant is the vendor provided cooperation 5, sub-cylinder, this need is further equipped, can buy 6, chimney, chimney users or build their own on-site boiler plant built more than six part is composed of all the parameters package of equipment, if needed equipment such vent pipe or residential use, is generally provided by the developer. Equipment package is the price varies depending on the configuration of your needs.

Before and after the smoke cover the activities of steam boilers equipped with fuel (gas) boiler is a horizontal internal combustion quick three-pass fire tube boiler. Furnace using offset wet back structure, with high temperature flue gas boiler steam boiler sequentially flushing the second and third return pipe tobacco, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney of the smoke chamber. Activities before and after the boiler is equipped with smoke cover, the boiler easy maintenance. Good performance boiler configuration techniques industrial burners, combustion using automatic ratio adjustment, automatic adjustment of water supply, the program start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technology, and having a low water level and low level alarm, high steam pressure, automatically flameout Protective function. The boiler has a compact structure, easy to operate, quickly installed, before and after the smoking activities cover less pollution, low noise, high efficiency. The boiler is ready to leave the factory. Burner, automatic control units, pumps, valves, meters, smoke and other air duct to take over, boilers, according to the drawings supporting the factory or the factory according to the contract. Two random technical documents provided by the factory technical documents list. four. Control System Description! Used half-ton automatic gas fuel steam boiler Buying used equipment for sale where to buy Condition new, buy used equipment to find Liangshan County Lighthouse chemicals are cheap, supply delivery to Liangshan County Lighthouse chemical equipment operators, will not let you re spend a money wasted. Thank you for calling Liangshan Wang Chongli now recovered and the number of well-known equipment manufacturers reached a long-term cooperation agreement, has become Tung Fu Long,? The gas-fired boiler using automatic good technical properties as the main burner combustion apparatus, the combustion process of the burner by a combustion process controller more advanced controls.

Technical characteristics premix condensing boiler furnace condensing premix premix combustion characteristic technical features: refers to a gas burner thoroughly mixed with enough air prior to the burner, it is no longer necessary to supply combustion air to the combustion process . 1) the combustion flame characteristics: flame propagation speed, high strength hot combustion chamber volume, generally up to 28 ~ 56x103kW / m2 or more, the excess air coefficient is very small, typically α = 1.05 ~ 1.2, the combustion temperature is high, low nitrogen oxides emissions. But poor flame stability, prone to tempering, tempering is prevented, so that as the gas flow velocity to be uniform field, to ensure that the air flow velocity at each point are greater than the flame propagation speed at the lowest combustion load. At the same time, a uniform air distribution surface also ensures the uniformity of the burner flame to avoid flame on the burner surface is too long, contact with heat exchanger surfaces resulting in incomplete combustion. 2) premix combustion mode effective to reduce the emission of pollutants, such as: the reduction of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide emissions. Features condensing heat exchanger of the main characteristics of the entire cast aluminum water-cooled design, the combustion chamber is surrounded by watercourses, effectively absorb heat, cooling the flue gas. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 8 times that of stainless steel (aluminum: 130W / m ℃, stainless steel:.. 16.2W / m ℃), it gives greater leeway in the design of the combustion chamber and waterways. The corrosion resistance: aluminum is a reactive metal, under natural conditions, the aluminum oxide surface layer can be formed of a dense, acidic corrosion can be effectively prevented from corrosion and oxygen. China's abundant reserves of aluminum, lack of demand, leading to low prices, low melting point of aluminum, with a high fluidity at high temperature casting, casting and machining good performance. Flue gas top-down, bottom-up flow. Aluminum heat exchanger in a combustion chamber with a needle-like protrusions, grooves waterways with a heat exchanger, to optimize heat transfer effect, and effectively increase the heat load of the heat exchanger unit.