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Commercial 6t Dealer Boiler Machine

The party soon provide us with three hot water commercial 6t dealer boiler machine output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback

With the energy-saving environmental protection commercial 6t dealer boiler machine temperature regulation is now increasingly advocating green energy, a lot of product development in addition to environmental protection equipment, energy saving and environmental protection boiler in which the rapid development in recent years of application, it has a very good temperature regulation, following'll tell you about its temperature control: 1, temperature cascade control system having two closed loop, two conditioners and two temperature transmitters, two closed loops are formed on the structure. 2, the effect of the main circuit devices conditioner system remain accurate metering at a set value fit production requirements, to prevent any overshoot error is present, large or small, and thus the main conditioner is generally used PI or PID control method. 3, generally referred to as closed loop outside the main loop, the main circuit green energy boiler jacket temperature control target, is a fixed value control system. 4, in the industrial production process control, the main loop play; micro-conditioning; effect, since the sub-circuit; a large conditioning; effect. 5, the inside of the apparatus is generally called closed-loop sub-circuit should include primary disturb the controlled target suffered, selected on the basis that the sub-parameter is the secondary loop should be low time constant of the closed-loop, short conditioning channels, so that it progress can be a good echo system speed and improve the quality control system. 6, therefore, the selection of the device interior temperature of the sub-loop control target, the choice P faster conditioning control method. Energy-saving environmental protection boiler temperature can adjust according to their needs, which in addition to all the features of an ordinary type of equipment is also more environmentally friendly, energy-saving features than they are now very much in line concept of environmental protection, become the popular device.

Many users after gas commercial 6t dealer boiler machines put into use, no longer control the operation of the boiler, the boiler or the degree of attention is not so high. In fact, all procurement boilers, boiler or put into use late, we should maintain a certain importance of the gas boiler equipment, because this is affecting boiler efficiency and the use of safety factors.

1. The concept of absorption of heat absorption systems using flue gas heat exchanger is used to recover waste heat of flue gas in the gas commercial 6t dealer boiler machine, the process shown in Figure 1. In additional gas absorption heat pump with the boiler flue gas condensation heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump with natural gas as driving power, the occurrence of cold medium, the medium is cooled in the flue gas in the flue gas condensing heat exchanger, heat transfer process can used direct touch touch-type heat exchanger may direct the exhaust gas temperature in the system drops below the dew point, condensation of water vapor in the flue gas heat to reach the intent of flue gas heat recovery and water. Heat supply network backwater into the primary absorption heat pump is heated, and then into the gas boiler is heated to a temperature of planning to give out, the end of the heating process water heating network. Exhaust gas boiler into the bottom of the chimney, the draft fan is placed on top of flue gas condensation heat is withdrawn and mixed into the flue gas absorption heat pump of flue gas condensation heat exchanger, the system exhaust temperature drops to 30 ℃ vented to the atmosphere into the chimney after less. Out of the chimney flue gas between flue gas and returned to port additional partitions. Our test systems selected direct touch-type touch flue gas condensation heat exchanger. This allows the system to use the skills heating power (system for low level heat than the heat input in the system of gas) progress more than l0%. The skills currently in Beijing General Logistics Department has recovered waste heat boiler room engineering, Beijing bamboo plant to recover waste heat boiler used in the project, to obtain a better energy-saving effect. Such incremental contribution skills (including contribution absorption heat pump, heat exchanger and flue gas condensation supporting pumps, valves and other equipment) generally less able to recover 3a.

2. Mechanism smoke condensate purification of exhaust smoke condensate component of the purification of exhaust components is messy heat and mass transfer process. Condensing the flue gas is flue gas water vapor condenses on the heat exchanger wall or film into fine droplets, and large water drops or fine and then converging streams. In this process, the flue gas condense different components will be dissolved in an aqueous solution, an aqueous solution of the condensation reaction may occur in the flue gas to remove harmful substances such harmful exhaust gas content decreased. NOx in the flue gas purification process condensate: there are nitrogen oxides NO, NO2, N2O, N2O5 etc., a general term NOx. The primary material constituting the atmospheric pollution and photochemical smog is NO, NO2, other ignored. Nitrogen oxides in the boiler flue gas first is NO, and NO2 content less. NO slightly soluble in water, the dissolved amount is negligible. NO2 soluble in water to form aqueous nitric acid and nitrous acid. NO2 is a water-soluble reaction formula: 2NO2 + H2O9HNO3 + HNO2.