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Gas hot water boiler and condenser Fire Reference Standard installation position: gas hot water boiler, which is on the difficult problems associated, so far, if we have all the knowledge and understanding? The moment, the answer is NO, that is, has not yet reached this level, so the following will be question and answer form, so that we have a good learning outcomes, and thus, achieve mastery of knowledge and flexibility in the use . 1. gas hot water boiler, this particular aspect of their fire, which standards or specifications should refer to? Gas hot water boiler this kind of boiler, which in this particular aspect of the fire, it should reference the standards or specifications for "boiler room design specifications" and "building design for fire protection" Both, moreover, are very important, therefore, indispensable. And is to be strictly enforced, can not have the slightest careless and lax. 2. open baths, gas boilers can use it? Its running time of the day, is determined by what? Open baths, which is a gas boiler may be used, and, in the particular type of gas boiler, a gas may be three water boilers, hot water boilers and gas gas steam boilers manufacturers in germany. The gas boiler run time of day, mainly to see the specific purpose and mode of operation of the boiler, because, by two to decide.

Obtain these honors the nation's largest gas-fired boiler lab, China's first ultra-low nitrogen boiler FGR, China's first largest shell type boilers are inseparable from the party's determination to quickly adhere to independent innovation and square fast people keep trying. China Industrial Boiler Association statistics show that side quickly clean fuel boiler annual sales amount of the first nation. Last year, the company's sales revenue grew 39%, products in short supply.

Optional steam boilers manufacturers in germany which parts you want to check? Now our demand for steam boiler is very large, with its wide range of applications Billiton, have a large market demand, so there are many manufacturers. So the material produced by the equipment is not the same. This time we are required must be carefully at the time of purchase. Otherwise, once the purchase to low quality or there is a problem when the boiler, the consequences are extremely serious, and we buy a steam boiler, it should first pay attention to is the surface of the problem. We should know that the main role is to provide energy for us, so when buying the boiler should want to see the surface of the packaging material. There is a volume the size of the boiler problem, if you need a place that can be placed in the position it is very important, if the purchase volume is too large or too small, resulting in the placement space is not enough is not enough. In fact, in the purchase of the boiler when the basic selection methods: 1. look at the appearance. Boiler appearance inspection is not stainless steel, there is no use of thermal insulation material, because the late burn during use to prevent the hot surface after hot boiler cause. 2. Look at the safety accessories are perfect. There are safety accessories safety valve, pressure gauge and level gauge. 3. Check the entire circuit boiler accessories is smooth. 4. Check that the controller system is normal. 5. Check whether the factory with the production of qualified products have no certificate.

Gas boiler 10 tons per hour of steam output 10 tons of high quality steam, the boiler operating load is automatically adjusted to meet production needs.