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Low Pressure Pressure coal fired hot water boiler

The boiler is capable of utilizing coal, oil, gas, electricity can be transmitted to the chemical medium, the pressure vessel is converted to thermal energy or mechanical energy, has been widely used, low pressure pressure coal fired hot water boilers and heating in industrial production is common to provide power type. Hot water boiler fuel can be utilized to heat the water to a certain temperature, or for heating domestic hot water.

The fields of use vary for different types of water tube boilers. CBM oil and gas water tube boiler is a double-drum type boiler with a capacity ranging from 4 to 80 tons. The szl series water tube boiler is a boiler that can adapt to a wide range of fuels. The boiler can burn a variety of biomass and coal fuels. The water-cooled wall structure can be used to control the furnace exhaust temperature by increasing or decreasing the heating area of ​​the water-cooled wall to ensure sufficient combustion. CBM also produces circulating fluidized bed water tube boilers, corner tube boilers and so on.

At the same time the 58MW circulating fluidized bed low pressure pressure coal fired hot water boiler has good fuel adaptability, not only with the bituminous coal, lignite and other flammable combustible coal, also can use anthracite coal, can also burn bark, garbage and other biomass fuels, the heating company to buy fuel way is broad.

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