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spec steam boiler 6 ton

Heating hot water boiler blowdown processing techniques which: sewage, is a part of the process of boiler operation, it must be the aim of boiler blowdown pot containing a high concentration of water, as well as corrosion of boiler water and sediment to drain was the boiler water salinity is maintained within a prescribed range, so as to reduce the expansion of the boiler water and the foam layer occurs, thereby reducing the salt content and humidity of steam to ensure good quality of steam. At the same time, the sewage may eliminate or mitigate fouling in the evaporator by the surface of the pipe.

Method: 1, first, the pickling operation is started, the boiler economizer, in addition to filling the drum with brine and water wall. 2, the ignition operation of the boiler, the boiler when the temperature rises to 70-80 deg.] C, the boiler flame, pickling may be performed thereafter. Before pickling, but also with superheater backfilling demineralized water, until the water until the overflow into the drum, to prevent the acid or acid-introduced into the superheater steam damage. 3, when the acid charged to the boiler, in any case, should not be firing boiler. Drum discharge hole and the other should be opened to discharge the generated acid and iron reaction of hydrogen, hydrogen has dissipated before sure to avoid the use of open flame or electrical sparking device to avoid risk of explosion of hydrogen. 4, finally, after the completion of filling the acid, so that the boiler economizer and soaked in the solution for about 6 hours, and then the acid is discharged, and rinsed with demineralized water superheater. Acid discharged after the acid drained, operating boiler feed pump, a water economizer capacity charged boiler feed water shut-off valve to prevent leakage.

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Wet maintenance for a period not exceeding one month shutdown of electric hot water boilers, boiler water shutdown after the release, discharge and clean fill with water, cut off the power, close the valve.