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industrial boilers in kenya

What are the matters needing attention in the operation of condensing industrial boilers in kenya

It is well known that the specialized condensing boilers on the market in China today can effectively recover the heat emitted from the exhaust gas of the boiler, and further promote the operational efficiency of the condensing boiler with the potential heat of the steam cycle in the flue gas. In the application of this condensing boiler, the content of harmful gas can also be reduced effectively. In order to make this kind of condensing boiler with reliable quality play its corresponding work and value, it is more necessary to realize effective monitoring in the course of operation, and the following article gives a brief introduction to the matters needing attention in the operation of condensing boiler.

1. Pay attention to correct cleaning and handling; It is well known that in the course of boiler operation, the cleaning and disposal must be realized, so it is necessary to ensure that the efficacy and composition of the acid washing slow-release agent can accord with the corresponding application effect, but in the products designed by the full premixed condensing boiler manufacturers in our country, There is a greater need to ensure stable cleanliness and a better level of cleaning. Therefore, in the stable operation of professional condensing boilers in China today, we must pay attention to its corrosion rate and corrosion materials and master reasonable testing methods. To ensure a smoother cleaning of its circulating pipeline, the stable use and quality of the condensing boiler can be ensured with a more stable cleaning quality. Dirt removal effect.

2. Pay attention to emergency early warning and timely shutdown disposal; It is self-evident that in daily use, only by ensuring that the corresponding dangerous failure factors are understood and that the basic system is carried out in a timely manner can this kind of condensing boiler be able to produce better results. Moreover, it is necessary to pay more attention to the dangerous problems existing in the operation of condensing boiler to ensure that its own disposal is more efficient to meet the demands of daily application for safe operation.

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SZL Series biomass fired hot water industrial boilers in kenya parameter features

1. Biomass fired hot water boiler shall be equipped with horizontal cyclone reburning chamber of an original creation In the home market, featuring the obvious effect of increasing combustio efficiency and decreasing Smoke discharge density which is lesser than 80mg/Nm3, and at the same time cleaning fume, of Which the blackness is less than 1 lingemann, meeting the requirements of grade 1 environmental Protection area.

2. Biomass fired hot water boiler thermal efficiency is high, every kind of which shall exceed 5 percent of national standard.

3. Biomass fired hot water boiler features the following advantages: Rational Structure, safe operation, and long boiler life.

4. The air register shall employ cone seal structure of machining Equipment, and the uniform blast duct structure shall be applied to air distribute device of Wind chamber, which is environmental patent technology of state.

5. Because of compact structure, small floor area, and mono layer Arrangement of the boiler room, the cost of the boiler house and installation shall be economized.

6. Biomass fired hot water boiler was awarded the following titles: First class products of mechanical And electrical department, environmental products trusted by the national users, excellent energy-saving products promoted by state.

e. reduce industrial boilers in kenya life after severe scaling of the boiler need to use chemicals for cleaning, washing too many times, will cause damage to the boiler, reducing the life of the boiler, increasing security risks.