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Full automatic electric steam generator for sale

Gas-fired full automatic electric steam generator for sale or electric boiler which is good?To compare the two kinds of boilers better, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the boilers. The advantages of electric boiler are: 1, high thermal efficiency: can meet the requirements of winter heating in all regions; 2, electric boiler is beneficial to environmental protection: no leakage, low noise, no pollution; 3, convenient use: automatic control, no special guard; Intelligent thermostat automatic control, flexible and convenient use, indoor temperature can be set by their own needs, start and close the machine can be controlled by the computer. The disadvantages of electric boilers are: 1. The operation cost is high, is gas-fired boiler 2 times, is gas-fired boiler 4 times. 2. The boiler must be supplied with three-phase electricity at 380 volts. If there is a power loss or power outage, there is no alternative. Seriously affect the normal production and operation of enterprise units. The advantages of gas-fired boiler are as follows: (1) the thermal efficiency is as high as 90%: it can meet the requirements of hot water heating in all regions; 2. Gas-fired boilers are conducive to the national strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction, collect agricultural and forestry wastes such as straws that are directly burned and cause pollution, and produce gas granular fuels through processing, which can bring benefits to farmers. Greatly reduce emissions of pollutants from exhaust gases. 3, convenient use: full automatic control, no special guard; flexible and convenient use, 4, gas fuel is similar to coal gasification combustion and suspension combustion state, flue gas stays in the high temperature furnace for a long time, through the use of the gas fuel is similar to the coal gasification combustion and suspension combustion state. Multiple air distribution, anaerobic, upper feed, lower fire, lower suction combustion, full combustion, high fuel utilization rate, no black smoke. 5, using the furnace dust removal device, with which the original concentration of boiler dust emission is low, can not use chimneys. 6, continuous fuel combustion, stable operating conditions, do not be affected by the addition of fuel or stabbing, can ensure output. 7, the fuel source is extensive, the cost is low. Not limited by the season, can be used throughout the year. The gas-fired boiler is half of the gas-fired boiler, 1/3 of the oil-fired boiler and 1/4 of the electric boiler. 9. Fangkuai gas-fired boiler In a modular design, each system uses one furnace body, two combustion heads or two furnace heads, one burner head 300000 truck in summer, and two burner heads 600000 truck when heating in autumn. When the coldest in winter, you can open four burning stoves 80-1.8 million truck, that is, the heating boiler only uses 300000 calories in summer, 600000 calories in autumn, 1.8 million calories in winter, one machine multi-use. In this way, customers do not need to invest in two sets of equipment systems, greatly reducing their first investment costs and operating costs. The disadvantages of gas-fired boilers are: 1. Need free space or The warehouse is used for storing gas particle fuel; 2. Blower induced fan and other accessories need 220 volts, affected by power outages, but diesel engine can be used to power boiler accessories. Keep the boiler running as usual! Summary: gas-fired boilers and electric boilers are environment-friendly boilers, automatic control, can adapt to various areas, the price of raw materials is stable; but the operating costs of electric boilers are too high to be affordable by ordinary enterprise units. Too much reliance on electricity, once there is a power outage, will seriously affect the normal production and operation of enterprises. Gas-fired boiler is different, in all clean energy boilers, its comprehensive operation The lowest cost. Although electric drive boiler accessories are needed in ordinary operation, the dependence on electricity is not great, and diesel generator can be used to operate power driven boiler fittings in the state of blackout. Because gas particles fuel ignition point, is not flammable, so even if the stack in the aisle side also does not matter. Overall: gas-fired boiler is better, can save a lot of operating costs for enterprises, economic, practical and environmental protection, and its small shortcomings easy to solve the impact of little.

As the "Star Pavilion" on the show, the arrival of fast full automatic electric steam generator for sale is attracted quite a stir. Guests and friends from all over the world friends are gathered in front of "fast Boiler" booth, feeling the charm to bring clean boiler. This is the third appearance in the fast side of the trade show, our booth set up in the middle of the field, in the light against the background, beautiful booth set off for the scene of different merchants brought extraordinary appeal.

About full automatic electric steam generator for sale, daily attention to ten o'clock analysis of its original meaning, it means the pot is heated in a water container on the fire place burning stove refers to fuel the boiler including the two most from the pot and stove included. Today, we say that the boiler is the use of fuel or other energy hot water heating can become mechanical equipment of hot water or steam. Generating hot water or steam boiler may provide heat directly to the required industrial production and the people's living, the steam power plant can also be converted into mechanical energy by the generator can convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Because the frequency of use of the boiler is high, so it's for routine repairs and maintenance is also very important, here are ten aspects regarding boiler need attention, we divided into two parts to illustrate: First, note the boiler: (1) boiler factory, should be accompanied by quality certification, safety instructions and other supporting information. (2) boiler installation, maintenance and renovation should be obtained qualifications in this area for the job, not blindly, to avoid problems. (3) boiler to be registered before the registration can be used, and to be performed by professional job. (4) the operator while operating the boiler, and eight systems should abide by the rules and six records. (5) boiler and its safety accessories to be tested on a regular basis, no test can not be used. Second, boiler routine maintenance: (1) Check the boiler pressure gauge, water gauge, safety valve, sewage plant, the steam supply valve and the valve and verify its compliance with the performance requirements. (2) Check the automatic control device system meets the requirements. (3) Check the boiler feedwater system meets the requirements. (4) on the blower, induced draft fan, damper, etc., to see if intact, is working. (5) boiler should be regularly checked once a problem is found to be in time, so as not to affect the normal operation.

The method is properly installed steam full automatic electric steam generator for sale when we sent you receive your steam boiler, you must be very happy, but at the same time, certainly some questions. Fuel gas boiler is not only fuel but also refers to the gas boiler. Previously no such dual-fuel boiler, burner because either fuel or gas, no dual fuel burners. With the rapid development of the world energy equipment, some European countries begin production and sales of fuel gas burner, dual fuel burner and boiler combination of organic birth of a new breed of boiler - fuel gas-fired boiler. Electric heating boiler and the boiler is mainly composed of electric control box and control system. Its characteristics are environmentally friendly, clean, no pollution, no noise, automatic, with limited energy and reduce prices significantly, as a new boiler electric heating boiler equipment increasingly being recognized. Electric heating the core member is electrically heated boiler, directly determines the life of the boiler, to select a non-metallic electrical heating tube (such as a ceramic heating pipe), because it is resistant to the load, a long life, and a water separation structure, the boiler Wing no leakage. How to install steam boilers correct? Do not worry. We Eastern Machinery not only produce high quality boiler, but also have high-quality after-sales service. We teach you how to properly install. First, in order to investigate the installation environment, boiler room layout should prior approval of the local quality and technical monitoring section, and install a separate boiler room installed in ventilation, cooling, easy to operate and convenient place to smoke. Not near flammable or explosive material, electrical installation technicians should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant national standards, and N and L error can not be connected. When using gas as fuel, explosion-proof electrical equipment should be installed, from the switchboard should 6m above the pan. Secondly, the ground electric steam boilers relation to the safe use of the boiler. For this reason, reliable ground should be installed, should be stored in the vicinity of the ground, the depth should be greater than or equal to 1.5 m, the ground should be sintered at a cable joint ground pile head. In order to prevent corrosion and moisture, the connection joint should preferably 100mm above the ground. Boiler chimney to be discharged should be extended to the outside, the outlet should be 1.5 to 2 meters higher than the boiler. After installation, the local special equipment maintenance department should be declared. The relevant part of the experience received consent to use, and has made use of certificates boiler before use. Volume is less than the vapor pressure of less than 0.1L or 30L steam generator belonging to the National Inspection-free range, that is, without the use of a certificate issued by the boiler can be used. Follow the steps editorial suggestions, I believe you will be able to successfully install a steam boiler!