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fire tube steam boiler korea

Using Ultraten wings condensation boiler technology has greatly enhanced heat the heating rate; silicon alloy material design to achieve the depth of the condensing heat exchanger, high efficiency, high heat transfer speed. "APH the T7" ready to use the factory mode, the system design is simple and clear, i.e. security that is used, the best burner performance debugging the factory, the user can simply set up at the installation site, connected to gas, water, to a flue , it covers an area of ​​greatly reduced.

Low operating costs of coal-fired boilers, but a large area, environment pollution, the required operating personnel, China's environmental protection department is also trying to curb the utilization of coal.

For some industrial boilers, such processes have been generally satisfactory, although salinity feed water does not necessarily decreased.

(5) Other boiler parameters(feed water temperature, exhaust temperature )

2. Which country will the boiler be used in?