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diesel fired boiler capacity of 600 kg hr

Steam diesel fired boiler capacity of 600 kg hr heat loss is what causes? Steam boiler heat loss caused to the user a lot of burden, whether it is hot steam boiler what is causing the loss of it? To analyze together with you today. Specific causes heat loss of the steam boiler at several: 1: heat loss of exhaust energy: smoke exhaust gas boiler comprises means losses are not completely absorbed by the steam heat loss. How caused? Short distance high temperature flue gas fan suction force is too high, the high temperature flue gas immediately excluded from the boiler; a small heating area, high temperature flue gas boiler can not be sufficiently absorbed. 2: the fuel gas does not completely heat loss: the combustible gas discharged from the flue gas generated in a boiler, the fuel in the combustible gas or gaseous fuel combustion process itself does not contain all of the incomplete combustion releases heat losses arising. As the incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide containing off-gas produced by combustion compared to the complete, only a quarter of the amount of heat released. 3: Solid incomplete combustion heat loss: refers to the solid fuel combustion process as a fuel grate down the drain does not release the heat of the flammable substance and ash contained in the combustion of the fuel can not completely burned released heat loss caused. 4: Loss steam boiler Grate: refers to the internal heat loss of the absorbent. 5: high temperature heat loss: Indicates high water temperature and hot water temperature, heat loss. 6: heat loss in steam boiler pipes caused by furring.

Gas hot water diesel fired boiler capacity of 600 kg hr fault repair method: unavoidable, malfunction or human error occurs boiler own reasons gas hot water boiler at runtime. After our failure to timely treatment, to avoid causing more damage. Fast boiler summed up after four troubleshooting methods for shutdown, check both, for your reference. 1, when the shutdown may not stop the pump immediately. Boiler water temperature must be lower than the pump can be stopped when the 50 ℃; the same time to turn off the water supply valves and heat supply network backwater valve and release to inspect and repair the boiler water. 1, before entering the boiler, the water must be emptied of all its boiler, sewage outfall fully open. Manhole on the drum, hand holes on the header to be open, so that air convection after a period of time in order to enter the inner workings.

Ukraine industrial construction quality, customer Ukraine's current visit to our company is very interested in industrial steam diesel fired boiler capacity of 600 kg hrs. Our technical staff will fast one side condensing gas steam boilers, steam pipes condensing gas boilers and other star products, from performance to the advantage of his right to the customer. Natural gas is clean, easy to use and other advantages, is to use one of Ukraine accounted for a large amount of the type of energy. Fast boiler since its inception in 1998, with great concentration R & D and manufacturing of gas clean fuel boiler, has a very extensive industry experience, and to respond positively to the pace of global environmental development for the market launch of the gas boiler is not only the thermal efficiency is very high (up to more than 108%), emissions of harmful substances is very low (less than 18 nitroxides mg / m3).

Low nitrogen gas diesel fired boiler capacity of 600 kg hr market is mostly higher than the average prices of some gas boilers, then, we must first thoroughly understand where the difference between the two is what pushed up the price of low nitrogen gas boiler.