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sime boiler spares

In addition to steam, hot water should be used for heating, ventilation and hot water supply. Its main advantages are: 1) Hot water heating can save a lot of fuel (compared to steam), about 20% 40%. Because it has no condensation water and secondary evaporation loss. Secondly, the heat loss of hot water heating pipe is small. Steam leakage loss of steam heating pipe is large. Steam sime boiler sparess require continuous and periodic discharge, while hot water boilers require only a small amount of periodic discharge. Finally, hot water heating can adjust the quality of hot water flexibly according to the change of outdoor ambient temperature, which can not only save fuel but also ensure the quality of heating.

2) the maintenance cost of hot water heating system is lower than that of steam heating system. It has been proved that the maintenance cost of hot water heating system is only 1 / 3 of steam heating system, and the maintenance personnel can be reduced by half accordingly.

3) Hot water heating has a large thermal radius, which can reach tens of kilometers, while steam heating is limited by the loss of pipe resistance, which is usually only 2 ~ 3 kilometers.

4) High temperature water heating is suitable for the development of regional heating industry. The use of regional central heating can not only save a lot of fuel, but also reduce the pollution of the boiler to the atmospheric environment.

Users of the sime boiler spares be judged according to the degree of maintenance, part of the boiler due to the longer service life, hand hole and manhole water leakage, the loss of water, causing water shortages. 3. workload, steam will continue to discharge out, leading to water shortages

What should be paid attention to when condensing steam sime boiler spares water in equipment

Condensing steam boiler can be favored by many enterprises because of its energy-saving, environmental protection and tolerance, and has gradually become one of the most popular boiler products in boiler products. The heat-resistant and wear-resistant condensing steam boiler needs to produce a large amount of steam through water, so it is necessary to inject a large amount of water into the equipment during operation. Because the equipment requires strict operation of boiler water filling, it needs to be operated according to the standard before it can be used normally. The condensing steam boiler equipment should pay attention to when feeding water to the equipment and see the following brief description:

1: in order to prolong the service life of the boiler, the condensing steam boiler reduces the occurrence of precipitation in the furnace in order to prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of precipitation in the furnace due to the different properties of the different water quality and the different precipitated substances. Therefore, the use of water quality has certain requirements and can choose the applicable water quality, which can improve the service life of boilers and reduce the production of a large amount of water scale. There are certain requirements for the use of water is not any kind of water can be used, in order to effectively protect the service life of boilers should pay attention to the selection of water suitable for the water quality requirements. And the water used must be soft water that has been tested and treated so that it does not produce a large amount of water. The long-term accumulation of dirt in the boiler causes pollution to affect the quality of use.

2: there are relevant standards for water temperature control during the operation of condensing steam boilers. Users should pay attention to controlling the water temperature within the standard range in order to achieve good use without anomalies. If the water temperature is too high, the high expansion of the whole equipment will cause the pipe to leak, and the low water temperature will make the steam production not enough to meet the normal use requirements of the enterprise.

3: when adding water to a condensing steam boiler at the standard level, attention should also be paid to the standard water level, which should not exceed the height of the water mark in order to ensure safety in use. Higher than the water level will not only cause waste but also cause the equipment to expand. When the expansion reaches the limit of the water level, it will cause the water to spill out and waste or even shorten the service life of the equipment.

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