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boiler with new design

Steam boiler with new design equipment What are things composed? Part of the steam boiler comprising: a steam boiler and a steam boiler auxiliary equipment. Steam boiler comprising: a furnace 2. 3. 1 gas boiler steam superheater economizer 4. The air preheater. 1. The apparatus comprises a steam boiler auxiliary water supply device (water treatment equipment, a water tank and pump) 2. Ventilators (blowers, induced draft fan and stack) 3. The fuel supply of slag and dust removal equipment 4. instrumentation and automatic control equipment.

Biomass chaff fired boiler with new design in ZG factory

What other biomass fuels can heating chaff fired boilers?

13th of this month, Jiangsu Province, held a working meeting air pollution control, meeting the main objectives and tasks around the year, and plan the next phase of priorities, from morning to promote strict air pollution control this year's tight.

First, in-depth treatment of industrial pollution, dehumidification start off white along the Yangtze River coal-fired power project to promote the electricity, steel, cement, coke, glass, carbon, boilers, furnaces and other key industries the full implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions, the province basically completed iron and steel enterprises sintering machine ultra-low emission transformation, cement, coke, glass, carbon industry to achieve the emission limits set provincial requirements.

Electric boiler with new design electric boiler power saving method we saw that it was electric, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, but the power comes from. Most Chinese still rely on thermal power points, the pollution is still very serious. Good power, reduce pollution and cost savings. Staff electric boiler below for you to be able to analyze how power. 1, the right choice to select a power heating stove electric power boiler must be calculated according to the thermal load of the heating room. Different housing structure, the room height, area lighting, room location, which is different from the heat load. We suggest that energy-efficient buildings can take 13-15m2 / KW; ordinary buildings can take 10-11m2 / KW; villas, bungalows can take 8-9m2 / KW; sealed condition is not good, the room height is greater than 2.7 m or often been out of the house to properly reduced per kilowatt electric heating stove heating area, many users believe that the smaller lower-power electric heating stove heating costs, but in fact just the opposite, larger design of electric heating stove heating period power is not increased operating costs, but save operating costs of the heating period. Electric power heating stove often used by the user reach the requirements of the room heat load, not only caused electric heating stove downtime little or no downtime, and less than ideal heating temperature. 2, the temperature difference between the water appropriately adjusted current electric boiler (electric stove) hot water heating system can be divided into three main forms, which for the return water temperature as follows: In the low temperature hot water radiator heating systems, it is desirable electric boiler ( electric heating stove) should be used for the return water temperature 20-25 ℃; low temperature hot water in the radiant floor heating system, it is desirable electric boiler (electric stove) for return water temperature should be used at 5-10 deg.] C; heating the fan coil system, over electric boiler (electric stove) should be used for the return water temperature 4-5 ℃. Proper adjustment for the backwater temperature difference, the heat transfer coefficient can be improved, so that efficiency is high, operating costs can be significantly reduced in the entire heating period. 3, control the temperature of the water at night electric heating stove can be set to work three hours, sleep at night, we do not need a high heating temperature, it may be appropriate to lower the heating temperature, saving operating costs of the heating period, using thermostatic radiator valve, can freely adjust the room temperature by adjusting the thermostatic radiator valve, we can put the sub bedroom, storage room temperature of the room is not frequent in the lower radiator thermostat, which can also save electric boiler heating period operating costs.