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Boiler 10t Seller Armenia

In the fierce competition in the market, fast boiler 10t seller armenia adhere to "not forget the early heart, sustained ingenuity" of the faith, taking the long view, establish and improve a comprehensive overall solution, leading to control market trends, improve the environmental performance of the boiler, make unremitting efforts to build China clean boiler brand.

A nitrogen oxide emissions

Low nitrogen gas boiler will choose general or FGR premix combustion flue gas recirculation technology, nitrogen oxides (PM2.5 main causes) emissions can be reduced to 30mg or less, in line with the latest implementation of our environmental policy.

How gas boiler 10t seller armenia can be cleaned

Gas boiler cleaning method is very important; the boiler by long-term operation, inevitably presents scale, corrosion problems, constitute the primary reason is the scale of the boiler feed water with hardness components, high temperature, high pressure continuously concentrated by evaporation of the future, in the furnace episode series of physical, chemical reactions, heating surface eventually form the hard, fine scale, resulting in decreased heat exchanger and the effect due to corrosion under the scale factors, will lead to reduced boiler waterwall furnace heat absorption, the boiler furnace exit temperature of the addition, the Add missing boiler. Together after the transfer of heat to reduce fouling in the water wall, water wall tube wall temperature may lead to adding water wall lead to burst pipes, boiler affect safe operation.

(1) When the boiler 10t seller armenia water level gauge water level drops below the lowest water level, through the "waters" law also failed to see the water level. (2) increase the boiler when the water level continued to decline up time. (3) water supply system failure, unable to supply water when the boiler. (4) water level gauge and a safety valve failure, can not guarantee the safe operation of the boiler. (5) When the control valve and the drain valve malfunction when closed lax. (6) when the pressure receiving surface of the waterwall tubes or boiler smoke tubes bulging or cracking occurs, the furnace wall, collapsed down occurs when the front arch. (7) In case of failure of a safety valve, pressure gauge displays the boiler overpressure operation.