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Industrial 10t Condensing Boiler Distributor

To improve the thermal efficiency of the industrial 10t condensing boiler distributor method? The thermal efficiency of the boiler is directly related to the economic interests of the boiler's, so the design efficiency of the boiler is definitely the most concerned about the boiler's index, which determines the cost of running the boiler, in general, the higher the efficiency of the boiler, the fuel lower consumption, will directly reduce operating costs of the boiler.

MODULAR hot water industrial 10t condensing boiler distributor, based on user demand and a preset load size, the number of small boilers can operate independently of the cell assembly module into the boiler, through the outer chamber temperature, for checking return check check check temperature change See test measurement and calculation, computer-controlled system may control each of a module, the module automatically adjusts the number of start and stop the output to the actual needs of the whole story calorie heat load match, and each module can be secured at the beginning and end of combustion to maintain good conditions phenomenon and thus achieve overall efficient operation of the boiler.

Our environmental management efforts continue to increase, located in Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia is also actively respond to national policies, by removing, shutting down non-compliance of the measures within the jurisdiction of coal-fired industrial 10t condensing boiler distributors, etc., to improve air quality within the city.

Recently, a reporter to follow the staff Haibo Bay Area environmental monitoring brigade, examined the case of shutting down coal-fired boilers in rural areas. Trinidad town in Wuhai unity Village, coal-fired boiler is the main source of heat in the village residents, schools, hospitals in the town and airport, but because they do not meet environmental requirements, the boiler has been officially shut down at the end of 2018. Haibo Bay Area Environmental Protection Agency environmental monitoring battalion to us to: "Removing the boiler is 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, each heating season about to burn more than 3,000 tons of coal in accordance with the municipal government requirements. within the deadline 20 tons of steam boilers to be all removed, replaced with clean energy. since November 2018, this block of sea area has access to a central heating all children. "

So far in 2013, Wuhai City in strict accordance with regulatory requirements grid, earnestly implement the responsibility of inspectors on-site supervision, and has eliminated 20 tons of steam coal-fired boilers for heating and tea bath furnace 791 units, of which 2018 out of 58 units. Meanwhile, municipal and district environmental protection departments at all levels to increase on-site law enforcement and ensure that the boiler is no longer out of the resurgence. Up to now, it has no built-up area of ​​Wuhai City and 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers to achieve a stable discharge standards.

Gas-fired industrial 10t condensing boiler distributor is one of the most widely used equipments in industrial production, and many problems of water use are solved by it. In order to ensure that gas-fired boiler can maintain a stable working state for a long time, it is essential to maintain the boiler correctly. If the gas-fired boiler has been shut down for a long time in the past, how can it be restored to normal? The first is to thoroughly clean the gas-fired boiler. Since it has not been used for a long time, then the gas-fired boiler is bound to accumulate a lot of dust from inside to outside, and only after it has been cleaned up can it be used. In order to clearly check out the actual situation of the boiler. After cleaning the gas-fired boiler, be sure to use the Hot air desiccates it, but it cannot be heated at the same time for walls and other fittings, which may have adverse consequences. The correct way is to place an electric heater at the bottom of the gas-fired boiler and heat it. When the gas-fired boiler is put into use, it is also necessary to place desiccant on the corrosion-proof tray, so that the tray can keep a good drying effect, which is helpful to its normal use, so as to promote the efficiency of the gas-fired boiler to be brought into full play. In addition to the long suspension of gas-fired boilers need to pay attention to the above operation, daily maintenance is also very important, must pay attention to the inspection of desiccant every few months, timely Add and inspect boiler fittings regularly, repair or replace them in time if they are damaged. On this basis, the gas-fired boiler can be restored to the previous good performance, to provide the heat source needed for industrial production, so that its value can be brought into full play. What do you need to pay attention to when gas-fired boilers feed water? According to the requirement of water quality of gas-fired boiler, if the water quality of boiler is too high, it should be treated by supporting water, which can soften the hardness of water and reduce the fouling in boiler tube, so as to improve the service life of boiler and reduce the operating cost. Water should be slowly added to the steam boiler when water, feed water temperature should not be too high. Water can not be added too much, as the temperature increases, water will continue to expand, resulting in waste. Generally add water to the normal water level gauge, that is, the middle line can be, now the boiler is equipped with intelligent water equipment, as long as the intelligent adding water can be turned on. When adding water to the boiler, remove the air from the economizer and boiler pipe.