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boiler petroleum machine puits

In fact, the power consumption of electric boiler petroleum machine puits than most people imagine so high, and users to work with us, basically in the vicinity of electricity more cost-effective regional or hydroelectric power, and some areas have government subsidy policies, which are reduce a lot of burden on the user.

The party soon provide us with three hot water boiler petroleum machine puits output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback

Hotels, hotels and other places use gas hot water boiler petroleum machine puits, is mainly used to provide heating and hot water bath, boiler acquirers before the purchase of the boiler, we must first understand the actual situation of their own property, and ultimately to choose to fit their own the hotel's boiler equipment.

On the current situation, the condensing boiler petroleum machine puits gas boiler market share in China is still stuck at 1%, how to break this embarrassing situation? Line observation that the government introduced road is the development of the subsidies. Obviously, condensing boilers reason can be widely used in Europe, with the support of national policy are inseparable. In Europe, conventional domestic gas boiler in many countries has been banned production and sale. Britain, Switzerland and other countries introduced a subsidy policy on the use of condensing boiler users. It is such a large government efforts to support and promote the development and application of condensing boilers.