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industrial horizontal hot water boilers

Global Business boiler Market Overview Analysis: According to the reporter, in 2010 the world's heating, industrial horizontal hot water boilers sales volume (steam boiler) reached 8.6 million units. In which the number of units sold up to South Korea, according to the amount of sales, Germany is the first, but over South Korea in 2002 on sales UK. Boiler output growth Britain is the world's second, first in Japan, Japan's annual output by 20%. China and Russia to 2004, sales of the two boilers are expected to account for the world's fourth and fifth place, behind Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. South Korea, Italy, Spain and other countries to 2004, annual output is expected to have different degrees of decline.

Boiler water softening equipment hardness exceeded analysis: whether well water, river water or tap water, there will be some calcium and magnesium ions, the precipitate is generated after heating. The water, if not treated, is heated directly in the boiler, the boiler will cause precipitate adhered to the wall or elbow, reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler, will result in non-uniform localized heating boiler, the boiler used even reduce the influence boiler life.

2. what is biogas boiler

The biogas boiler is a boiler that burns biogas. Biogas boilers are a new type of boiler with no operating costs. It not only solves environmental pollution problems, but also does not produce pollutants. Biogas boilers are widely used and can be used in slaughter plants, breeding plants, textile mills, paper mills and other industrial enterprises. The biogas hot water boiler can provide hot water for life for enterprises, institutions, hotels, schools, restaurants, service industries, etc., and can also be used for heating.

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