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In late May 2018, Hedong District, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, the District Construction Committee, District Bureau for approval jointly held low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction work will push for the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau atmosphere at the meeting of May 18 Air pollution control work in progress briefing involves the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, convey the contents of the meeting and introduced the progress of work and experience low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction of other counties.

Clear four key tasks meeting: First, all gas boiler units must be in accordance with the time node, complete technical solutions before the end of May to develop and expert appraisal work;

Second, according to the requirements of the minutes of the 49th executive meeting of the district government, the units shall, not later project work next week to start the project, and accelerating project bidding, project construction to ensure completion before the end of September;

Third, the units should seriously accordance with the "Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Finance on the issuance of Tianjin Gas boiler low nitrogen fixed subsidy reconstruction project implementation approach" (environmentally friendly gas-chun [2017] No. 171), "on the issuance of Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau letter fixed subsidy acceptance requirements of low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction project "(Tianjin environmental Protection memo No. [2017] 406) and" Municipal environmental Protection Bureau Municipal market supervision Commission letter of relevant work requirements transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler "(Jin Han [green gas the relevant procedures 2018] No. 92) requirements, preparing project application and acceptance, with particular attention to security issues in the process of transformation of the project, to ensure that emissions meet the standard requirements after the transformation;

A gas-fired boiler both for their own business needs, but also meet the environmental philosophy, is the core business units required to buy gas boiler. Good gas boiler is not only to best meet the needs of enterprises of industrial production, providing ample power for the development of enterprises, but also can contribute to protecting the environment.

Boilers and furnaces distinction and deaerator Optional: heat transfer station and the boiler room, the difference between them, what is? Optional deaerator on the boilers, which usually is? And, boilers and furnaces distinguish between simple right? These issues are on the boiler, and that is very important and basic, so below, immediately give a specific answer, so that we learn through to clear, rather than a smattering. 1. heat transfer stations and boiler room, the difference between them is mainly what? The difference between the boiler room and the heat transfer station, if summarizing, then, there are mainly the following, is: one difference: heat transfer station, which is to convert the boiler room to the production of hot water a user may direct use of hot water, its temperature is lower than 100 degrees Celsius. And high temperature hot water generated by the boiler room, is higher than 100 degrees Celsius. Difference between the two: the boiler room for the production, the heat transfer station is as a transit station, so they used the device, is not the same, that can not be mixed. 2. Optional boiler deaerator, should be how to choose? Deaerator, which has a head type and there is no points of the first type. In the boiler, which is typically the first type of this kind of choose, without selecting the type of this kind without a head. However, if it is a large boiler plants, because it is more than 1000t / h, then, it is to adopt non-tower-type deaerator in order to meet the demand. And, on this point, we should have a clear understanding, you can not go wrong.