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150 pressure steam boiler in georgia

For hot water boiler, it grasps the heating area, the insulation effect, and can withstand the lowest temperature (winter and high altitudes need to be considered), the need to provide different types of hot water temperature, how much hot water as well as the amount of energy generated per unit time , it is a major problem. Model: CWNS2.8-90 / 70-Q Analytical Model: W = horizontal, N = combustion, S = combustion chamber, Q = gas thermal rating: 2.8MW thermal efficiency: 98% nominal water temperature: 95 deg.] C rated backwater temperature: 70 ℃ working pressure: atmospheric pressure hot water quantity: 96 tons / hour heating area: 40,000 square meters (depending on the altitude, the insulation measures, heating area will vary) Second, understand the characteristics of gas-fired boiler

In recent years, as people's growing awareness of environmental protection, the State also intended to promulgate stringent emission standards for nitrogen oxides. This boiler companies made a mandatory requirement - how to effectively reduce nitrogen oxide content in the boiler flue gas. Therefore, a focus on emissions of nitrogen oxides environmental revolution is quietly boiler industry. But for domestic boilers companies this road is not good to go, because the difficulty of controlling nitrogen oxides and more demanding of the boiler, every 1 mg / cubic meter of emissions control will cause the boiler costs dramatically.

Multiple protection fuel 150 pressure steam boiler in georgia is to ensure the safety of boiler necessary condition for people in the use of fuel steam boiler products, most consider is the safety issue, then the fuel steam boiler on under a certain amount of effort in terms of security, the following look at the fuel steam boiler the multiple protection. Boiler set inside a water level gauge, you will find instructions inconsistent, you also need a simple correction, can ensure real water level, water level as well as stun guns, water can be more accurate signal acquisition and timely alarm. Here the need to use relatively high sensitivity of the pressure controller, to different signals conveying different pressure signals to the automatic gain control for protection, a single regulator may be made of fire double fire the actual situation. Multiple protection to protect a certain extent, the safety of users, eliminating the need for users to unnecessary worry, but also solve the needs of users from the fundamental.

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