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industrial package heating boiler

How Henan gas industrial package heating boiler flue gas to reduce combustion temperature by using Henan gas boiler flue gas recirculation control NOx by external and internal flue gas recirculation techniques. Reduction of the combustion temperature Henan gas boiler flue gas can be achieved by adding the flame region, thereby absorbing the added flue gas lowers the combustion temperature. Henan gas boiler combustion products through the flue gas is added to the combustion zone, not only lowers the combustion temperature, NOx formation is reduced; simultaneously added to the flue gas reduces the oxygen partial pressure, oxygen and nitrogen that will reduce the thermal NOx generated process, thereby reducing the formation of NOx. Depending on the application of the principle, flue gas recirculation applied in two ways, Henan gas boiler are recirculated flue gas recirculation and internal external flue gas. For external flue gas recirculation techniques boiler, the flue gas from the outlet of the boiler via an external conduit, re-added to the furnace. According to the study, external flue gas recirculation Henan gas boiler can be reduced to 70% of NOx formation. The ratio of the outer loop NOx control effect has a greater impact, as the outer loop increases the proportion of NOx reduction rates are more obvious, but the electrical energy consumption for circulating air will also increase. For internal boiler flue gas recirculation, gas back into the combustion zone through the main dynamics of the gas burner. Primarily through internal flue gas recirculation speed jet flame entrainment or swirl burner so that the air flow generated rotational achieve a circulating effect. It is generated by using a cyclone or a tangential inlet into a gas stream with a stream tangential velocity, i.e., rotation of a vortex. The strength of the vortex may be a dimensionless swirl number S of FIG. When the degree of swirl exceeds 0.6, the gas stream will have sufficient radial and axial pressure gradients, which can cause reverse airflow, to produce a circular center of the flame recirculation zone.

First look at the history of hot water industrial package heating boilers and steam boilers. The history of hot water boilers can be traced back to a long time ago, and the rapid steam boilers only began to spread in the past 200 years, which has a certain impact on traditional hot water boilers. If the space available to the former is small, or is subject to greater restrictions, people generally choose the latter quickly. The space required for a fast steam boiler is only 25% of that of a hot water boiler, and no special retrofit and indoor layout adjustments are required. The fast steam boiler not only has the advantage of occupying a small space, but also has a small amount of water in the furnace. This feature allows the steam boiler to generate steam in 5-7 minutes after the cold start, and work normally. The hot water boiler can only start to supply steam after about 60 to 90 minutes after the cold start.

Gas hot water industrial package heating boiler in the heating system is how to maintain the normal operation

Gas hot water boiler according to the different needs, a different output temperature of hot water is often used for heating, it is the preferred type of heating boilers.

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