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Szs Water Tube Coal Hot Water Boiler

Maintenance and installation instructions boiler environmental protection boiler water clean-up at least once a month: on the furnace grate string of pipes and water pipes at the water cross scale. Always check: valve, pipe, flow is flexible door sheet intact, to prevent clogging, damage should be found to repair and restoration. Cleaning at least once a week, and the boiler flue gas path surface fire, arch wall, Guanfan, pipe tobacco, soot and smoke chamber grime, etc., to keep the heating surface clean, stable heat transfer. When the water heater and heating system is installed, the main line and the last two are not allowed to just valving. Other air bag inlet pipe may be installed at each branch for adjusting the control valve system balance, the smaller is generally the closer the opening degree from the furnace, whereas the more distal opening degree increases. When the valve opening is adjusted to the proper position, not twist, so as not to influence the heating effect. Fill the tank water heaters is open, its role with the expansion tank. Prohibit any valve mounted on the furnace body and connected to the tank conduit. Usually the main pipe heating installation slope i = 0.005. Riser mounted to the vertical, per meter length of not more than 3 mm. A normal heating boiler water temperature should not exceed 85 ℃, such as the temperature exceeds the complement in order to continue running when the tank overflow tube or overflow a large number of air, immediately check the hot water circulation system shutdown has blocked until troubleshooting. When the water level inside the heating supply water should be kept in a glass of water gauge water line visible range, prohibiting see cast coal burning furnace at less than the case of the water level in the water gauge glass, causing the system to prevent water shortages. Boiler installation location should be close to a hot spot closer a distance as possible to reduce heat loss. Piping system may be depending on the use. Water heaters based on the principle of gravity circulating water, due to the small circulating water gravity pressure head, and therefore, the installation must be less than the last group of the furnace heating bag, the vertical distance is generally 0.5-1 meters.

Exhaust gas has been plagued by sewage paper industry, paper industry pollution problems of the country very seriously. Fujian Heng paper packaging company has been committed to the use of clean-type boiler paper processing. October 22, 2016, David Carse, the paper with my company, signed a 6 tons of steam an integral condensing steam boiler for the production of corrugated cardboard and other paper products. I provided the boiler greatly solve the problem of sewage wastewater Heng paper. After the boiler operation, both to meet local environmental requirements, but also reduce operating costs for the constant boiler paper products.

Industrial boiler energy saving measures which industrial boiler energy saving measures which first of all, improve boiler regulations and standards. Speed ​​up the boiler, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing license conditions and modify Management for registration of technical supervision and management of energy-saving regulations, boilers, boiler design document recognition rules, regulations and technical specifications, energy saving and environmental protection index as a boiler manufacturing license, registration, design review compulsory requirements, strict implementation of energy-saving boiler design document review and styling products test system energy efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, does not meet the safety requirements of the boiler, banning the production, sale and use, improve energy saving boiler threshold. Second, it increases energy-saving technology, new product development and promotion efforts. Key recommendations to improve the structure and level of technology stacks chain furnace exhaust combustion equipment, small boiler gasification combustion technology research and product development, coal-fired industrial boiler control technology research and product development. Development of gas condensing boilers, industrial boilers and energy-saving effect evaluation software audit, accounting boiler energy statistics and analysis system software research and development and other technical development work, through financial subsidies to accelerate the application of high efficiency energy saving boiler. Third, eliminate the old, inefficient boilers. Revision of coal-fired industrial boilers and energy-efficient economic operation, environmental protection and minimum limits of the system. The establishment of the old boilers, boiler inefficiencies out of the update mechanism, instead of a small boiler with a large boiler, instead of the low boiler parameters with high parameter boiler, instead of coal-fired boiler with a gas boiler or biomass boilers in the conditional area, thus greatly improving the energy efficiency. Safety of the boiler. The fourth is to strengthen the transformation of energy saving boiler. To improve the level of energy saving and environmental protection and industrial boilers fired boiler system, the automatic control system of the coal-fired industrial boilers, combustion optimization, heat recovery, frequency control, efficient desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal has been transformed, to improve the fuel water quality coal industrial boilers. Fifth, strengthen energy-saving knowledge management and boiler operators training. Boiler establish user management system, including energy-saving target assessment system, strengthen energy-saving boiler technical training of management personnel.

Electrical difference between the boiler and gas boiler no real good, only for it or not. (Direct thermal electric boiler in the building standards are not allowed in the following description of an electric thermal storage boilers, there is a corresponding electric thermal storage boilers local standards) investment aspects of the common gas boiler cheaper than electric boilers at the beginning, but also the gap between the number of specific distinction, gas brand boiler size, with or without condensate recovery and technical maturity; brand electric boiler, the applicable type. Related both construction conditions, such as plumbing, gas station; selecting high and low voltage power, power distribution construction. Gas heating season in general calorific value / purity of non-compliance (even if the contract is more explicit), compared with the calorific value of the basic electrical 1: 7, the proportion of LNG to be higher, lower coal bed methane (calorific value is multiplied by the thermal efficiency of the device ). In this case, electricity savings of about 1/3 than gas, according to the grapevine, is expected this year, Liaoning low power dropped to less than 0.3 yuan (business), that electricity than the gas savings is estimated to be more than half. It covers an area of ​​respect, if the construction of the gas gas station, then it must be a space-saving electric boiler and electric boiler is the basic module assembly, according to the actual situation; and gas boiler explosion venting port and need a certain security area. In terms of energy, electricity is no waste, waste gas, waste water, renewable energy, gas or have emissions, and fossil fuels are not renewable, although the state vigorously outsourcing, but in the long perspective, the decline in the price of more space large, but also more conducive to use, especially Valley electric. Finally, if it is 30 000 m2 of non-continuous heating conditions (such as schools, shopping mall, office, public venues, factory, warehouse, etc.), recommended to choose electric thermal storage boilers, the best choice for 10kv high voltage device, you can save some investment, and the province as well as policy. But if the area is less than 10,000 m2, the election 0.4kv low-voltage equipment is also good. Equipment and electric boilers are run automatically, without someone on duty, usually around six meters do not consider lifting frame height coefficient, the heating time can independently control these areas compared to the municipal district heating is also very advantage.