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200l thermostat hot water boiler factory

6 tph WNS series efficient gas-fired boiler for automobile painting industry

In the manufacturing process of automobiles, the painting process has the effect of rust prevention, corrosion protection and decoration. The metal surface treatment before painting and the painting process require the heat source provided by the steam boiler. ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler obtains advanced manufacturing technology. The fully automated production line ensures the uniform size of the boiler components, realizes the assembly between the components, which effectively extends the service life of the boiler. In addition, in order to improve the overall thermal efficiency of this type of boiler, ZOZEN technicians have improved the boiler design. Large-diameter corrugated furnace and high-efficiency heat-conducting threaded tubes, combined with the energy-saving device at the tail of the flue, ensure that the exhaust gas temperature below 60℃, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 98%, which reduces fuel costs for enterprises.

Boiler plant equipment as three major important energy conversion device, fuel chemical energy into heat energy, and the pot was heated using thermal energy to become hot water having a sufficient quantity and a mass (steam temperature, steam pressure) steam turbine for use. The Anyang City, the power company to my company to buy a split 2 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler for supplying electricity demand. The WNS series split condensing boilers using advanced technology designed to greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, up to about 96%.

Although the domestic market has hundreds of boiler steam boiler, but no one can compare with environmental protection boiler steam boiler. This steam boiler is not only good quality, and ease of installation. Due to the development needs of many industries, and its sales have been innovative, and slowly there have been many types of boilers, and the purpose of these different types of boilers are the different sectors can more easily select and use.

3 large gas-fired boiler uses: as industrial innovation, advances in technology, the steam era has passed, a more advanced energy-saving heat-producing machines into people's lives, and that is the popular gas-fired boiler. In the modern era, gas boiler and what kind of role is present in our lives, which can bring us the convenience of it? Want to solve this problem, consumers need to understand the purpose of the three gas-fired boiler.