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10t Diesel Fired Boiler

What factors 10t diesel fired boiler combustion and boiler water hardness test: boiler, which is the site of important products and key words, so, all of us, this is a focus on learning objects, and that the product of learning, fastidious and lax, so as not to affect learning. So, the next, the site of this important product for the boiler to explain the knowledge of, or answers to difficult problems, so we have to learn the content, and then to accelerate learning. 1. boiler emission standards, and the implementation of which is a reference? In addition, the boiler during operation, which will affect its burning effect? Boiler emission standards, in general, and with reference to the implementation of GB13271-2014 "boiler air emission standards" this one. As for the process of boiler operation, combustion factors, mainly fuel quality, air volume, quality and performance burner, boiler load and milling system, etc. These are all very important, so one can not ignore. 2. The installation of the boiler, the boiler manufacturer What do I need to provide? Installation of the boiler, the boiler manufacturer to provide product-related information and drawings, so that work can proceed smoothly install the product. Specifically, if it is, in the drawings, the boiler must have a general view, FIG pressure receiving member is mounted and FIG four of thermal expansion FIG. On the data, it is the aspect of product quality certification must have documentation and guarantees, as well as product installation and other technical documents or instructions.

The way to achieve specific energy-efficient circulating fluidized bed 10t diesel fired boiler in Singapore

Equipment maintenance method of a condensing gas 10t diesel fired boiler, pressure maintenance 1. After condensing gas boiler shutdown the furnace all the water exhausted, the scale furnace, slag clean, rejoin qualified demineralized water. 2. Regular small flame, or periodically using water vapor adjacent to the boiler furnace, the furnace so that the water temperature in the summer condensing gas boiler should be maintained at about ambient temperature of + 10 ℃, winter should ensure that water does not freeze the furnace, close all vent valve, drain valve and drain valve, to prevent leakage. 3. Boiler feed water periodically to maintain the internal pressure of the condensing gas boiler 0.05MPa ~ 0.1MPa prevent air from entering the drum. Second, wet maintenance 1. After condensing gas boiler shutdown at the stipulated time exhausted furnace water, scale, slag, ash cleaned. 2. Close all manholes, hand holes, valves, etc., and the boiler is completely isolated. 3. Prepare a basic protection solution passing demineralized water, boiler water was added per ton of sodium hydroxide Na (OH) 8kg ~ 10kg, plus or sodium carbonate (NaC03) 20kg, plus or sodium (Na2P03) 20kg. 4. The formulated with special pump maintenance alkaline solution into the boiler. 5. When all of the resist solution is injected, the valve opened to fill the qualified demineralized water boiler, until the water overflows from the air valve, and then closing the air valve and the supply valve to open a dedicated pump cycle, a uniform mixed solution. 6. Throughout the maintenance should be periodically maintained with Weihuo drying oven outer heating surface, periodically turn the pump cycle, the concentration of the solution was consistent throughout, but also regularly take the solution assay and the replenishment solution, the PH value of the solution was ~ 10 between 12 to ensure that the alkalinity boiler water. 7. frost winter to take appropriate measures. Third, the dry gas condensing boiler maintenance 1. After shutdown, the boiler water exhausted, scale remove soot, slag and furnace heating surface. 2. Close condensing gas boiler water supply, water supply, the valve on the outfall, or blocked by the separator Yan, completely isolated from the other operation of the boiler. 3. Open the manhole, hand hole, the boiler dry naturally, if the boiler wet, with Weihuo the boiler and furnace wall flue drying. 4. The selection of an appropriate amount of desiccant. Common desiccant anhydrous calcium chloride (of CaCl2) and quicklime (CaO2), CaCl2 2kg per cubic meter of volume of water placed quantitative, requires selection of particles of about 15mm; lime 3kg per cubic meter of the volume of water placed quantitative, requires selection of 10mm ~ 30mm lumps. 5. condensing gas boiler drying, the tray containing a desiccant and the release drum furnace in order to absorb moisture, not in direct contact with the desiccant required boiler heating surface. 6. The desiccant should be checked regularly once placed, heating surface for corrosion to see, the desiccant is failed condensing gas boiler month per week, once a month later examination every two weeks.

To further promote air pollution control tough fight, push the air quality continues to improve, according to "Zhengzhou City, the 2018 campaign of air pollution control plan" and "Chung Dong New Area, the 2018 campaign of air pollution control plan" requirements, the area to carry natural gas 10t diesel fired boiler low nitrogen renovation work, hereby notify the relevant issues as follows:

(1) before the end of September 2018, Eastern 4 tons of steam boiler and above the implementation of low-nitrogen gas engineering construction and renovation. Encourage the implementation of other gas-fired low-nitrogen transformation.

Promote the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler according to early completion, and more reward principles, decreasing year by year funding award up mode. Before the end of June 2018 to complete the construction of low-nitrogen transformation, the concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions or else higher than 30 mg / cubic meters of gas boilers, carried out in accordance with the award make up 40% of equipment investment; before the end of September 2018, to complete the low nitrogen renovation project construction, the concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions or else higher than 30 mg / cubic meters of gas boilers, carried out in accordance with the award make up 30% of equipment investment; before the end of April 2019 to complete the project construction and renovation of low-nitrogen, nitrogen oxides Or emission concentration higher than 30 mg / cubic meters of gas boilers, carried out in accordance with the award make up 15% of equipment investment;

After construction is completed, the project in a timely manner to submit an application to the territorial review township (town) office: the township (town) office on a preliminary review of the whole process of the project, the project area through on-site verification of materials (including: project implementation plan, completion report, monitoring reports, on-site verification opinions, etc.) reported the construction of the Environmental Protection agency, the EPA reported by the construction of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau atmosphere, the atmosphere at the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organizations to monitor third-party monitoring mechanism for acceptance, qualified after monitoring the municipal government finance awards complement funds, unqualified deadline for rectification.