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mountings of water tube boiler

On January regular press conference, Secretary, Ministry of Environment environment atmosphere Liu Bingjiang said: Through the joint efforts of the whole society, national ambient air quality is generally improving. But issues of current emissions of air pollutants is still high, industry structure, energy structure is still prominent, air pollution control remains to be done.

2019 is to win the battle of the blue sky in tackling it. China Environmental Science Research Institute Professor Xue Zhigang said China is still partial to change the energy mix of coal to Beijing and Tianjin, for example, though not local, but coal consumption per unit area of ​​5 to 6 times the national, so to adhere to focus total coal consumption areas under control.

First, the structure of coal-based energy, coal pollution characteristics significantly. Shaanxi, Shanxi coal-producing province is also the province's coal consumption, coal consumption Fenwei plain more focused, coal accounted for nearly 90% of energy consumption, much higher than the national average of 60%.

Second, the emphasis on regional industrial structure, industrial pollution emissions from large. Fenwei plain alumina, coke, iron and steel, coal, chemical and other heavy chemical industry, small-scale enterprises, low level of equipment, and most enterprises have yet to achieve a stable discharge standards, ultra-low emission completion percentage less than the transformation of thermal power enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin the level of pollution control needs to be improved.

Third, the prominent road transport pollution, emissions from large heavy vehicles. Fenwei plain is an important channel Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi coal Sinotrans, common to road transport, heavy industry-oriented industrial structure to further increase the pressure of road transport.

Hebei Province in 2019 government work report, determined to win the battle of the blue sky, ultra-low emissions to accelerate the transformation of key industries and promote clean coal casual alternative, "scattered dirt" dynamic business continuity cleared, Hebei Province, the year will be 10 million tons of coal Yajian thermal power 500,000 kilowatts.

Tianjin in 2019 to promote low-nitrogen transformation and construction work clean diesel transformation of mechanical gas-fired boilers, in an orderly urban and rural residents clean alternative to coal for heating, PM2.5年均浓度持续下降. In addition, Guizhou, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other places have made the coal control target.

It is reported that, after the heating season this year, the Ministry of Environment will work with ecological scientific and reasonable arrangements around 2019 bulk coal management plan. Regional authorities will further strengthen joint prevention and control, continue to implement the autumn and winter tackling action in key areas. In the future, China will focus on promoting the Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas, as well as bulk coal governance Fenwei plains, to the 2020 heating season, the basic completion of the plains to live and bulk coal for heating in winter instead.

11% mountings of water tube boiler efficiency will increase to 15%, of the total flue gas flue gas heat of the latent heat ratio as shown in FIG. As will further reduce the exhaust gas temperature, the boiler efficiency will be close to or even more than 100%, as shown in FIG. 2. This result we calculate the thermal efficiency of the boiler positive balance equations obtained. η = (enthalpy of saturated steam boiler output feed water × × feedwater enthalpy) / (amount of fuel × fuel calorific value) This equation shows that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is defined as the ratio of the effective heat output from the boiler heat input. But the problem is: condensing heat recovery condensing boiler whether all the recovered heat energy into the boiler, the boiler used in an amount such that the fuel is reduced, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Currently condensing boiler water system design: a condenser boiler economizer position is generally the position of the flue even if the condenser is bigger sized better performance, nor can the flue gas temperature down to the temperature of the flue gas condensation (if the flue gas temperature was lowered to 60 ℃, the water temperature at the condenser outlet to be less than 45 deg.] C), so that in the design of the condenser into the soft water tank again, to lower the exhaust gas temperature by the large amount of water in the soft water tank; and soft water tank must also be large enough, or soft water temperature will be more than a short time condensing temperature (Figure 3). Another design is to heat the condensed water recovered for other uses. These are fed into the heated soft water tank or for other uses without hot water into the boiler, which is not translated as a thermal heat boiler efficiency calculation effective amount. And the resulting system is other than the thermal efficiency of the boiler should be referred to using the calculated thermal efficiency of the boiler system.

Furthermore, is in the process of using steam mountings of water tube boiler, there is also need to automate operations above. Now the above, there is a market operation of the boiler is very different, and some are on the operational needs done entirely by human, every step requires not only technique, but also in time for the boiler to be monitored, and ultimately human, because naturally enhance the human cost, and let the boiler lose cost-effective, relatively speaking, we can achieve some intelligent all aspects of the use of the process, as long as the user set up after, it will follow the appropriate procedure to operate the user does not require any human input.

When selecting a gas mountings of water tube boiler burner, it is a skill, with these tips can help you to choose the appropriate burner equipment.