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35000kcal bioamss boiler

This temperature is set to a portion from coal-fired 35000kcal bioamss boiler combustion process will produce a certain amount of sulfur dioxide (SO2 abbreviation), while SO2 below 170 ℃ will bind moisture and flue gas to form sulfuric acid, the sulfuric acid will in the boiler tail heating surface caused by corrosion, thus reducing the life of the boiler, the conventional coal-fired boiler exhaust gas temperature is higher than 200 ℃. But the temperature is high, it represents an increase in fuel energy loss, is not conducive to our goal - saving energy.

How to tell if a hot water 35000kcal bioamss boiler producers authoritative professional and authoritative professional production of hot water boiler in order to supply everyone who has the experience, targeted one to one industrial design, in addition to give everyone who supply more professional hot water boiler system solutions to ensure the best possible compliance with industry standards, can have a very high price, so that everyone does not have any money other provision of the burden, with the functionality and reliability in terms of selection, but also to get the most best normative standards. How to determine the steam boiler plant accident occurred less water gas boilers | oil-fired boilers | steam boiler Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. when the water level is already less than the minimum water level delineated, but still can be seen in the water meter water level, slightly less ruled water; when the water meter can not see the water level, sentenced to severe water shortages. Phenomenon is summarized as follows: (1) drum water level is less than the normal water level designated; (2) low level alarm, automatic warning sounds, warning lights; (3) water vapor superheated steam temperature increases; (4) Enter water is not normal, less than the amount of steam; (5) emission vapor temperature.

Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel is located in Xiaogan City of Hubei Province in accordance with international five-star hotel standard design, set business rooms, SPA bath, foot care, indoor spa and other facilities in one of the hotel. Hot water 35000kcal bioamss boiler is one of the important facilities normal operation can not be separated. With the pace of Hubei Province in response to the national defense of the blue sky, the use of clean fuels gradually increase the proportion of Oriental Hawaii hotel provides visitors to the more perfect leisure experience a sense of the original wishing more polluted coal-fired boilers to replace clean and green gas-fired boiler. After comparing several vendors boiler industry, a number of R & D results very fast square value in the field of clean fuels, entered into a collaboration with the fast boiler. Fast boiler integrally provided a 1.4MW condensing pressure hot water boiler (CWNSL1.4-95 / 70-Y.Q) according to their actual needs. Put into use, fully meet the needs of Oriental Hawaii Holiday Hotel heating and hot water supply.

Hot water 35000kcal bioamss boiler energy consumption, what is the reason?

There are many users using hot water boilers with the purchase of the boiler again told us to question why our unit energy consumption of hot water boiler so much? And the more years using longer, the more obvious the problem. Combined with such problems, fast boiler small series as you make the answer for your reference.