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small hot water boiler for hotel

Jingdong, typical Chinese-style self-employed business enterprise, has its Jingdong Mall, Jingdong financial, Jingdong intelligence department. May 2014 in the US Nasdaq stock exchange officially listed. 2018 "Fortune" Global 500 list of the 181. Fast boiler, A-class boiler manufacturing unit, Class 1 boiler installation company, more than 20 years dedicated to the development of clean fuel energy equipment, manufacturing and sales. The introduction of low nitrogen emission boiler is the first time in a market-oriented approach using FGR technology products, as guardian of the "APEC blue" gave their part.

4, saving space

Pressure gas boiler uses quick structure, with strong base boiler steel. This design structure easier to install and transport, greatly reducing the space pressure boiler footprint, and save a lot of space.

ZG 35 ton outer circulating fluidized bed boiler installation site

35 tons circulating fluidized bed boiler installation engineers with the customer

Barometric Damper

A barometric damper opens if your oil fired boiler burner fires up to pull air through it preventing back drafting. The barometric damper must be located on the mostly horizontal portion of the boiler flue in horizontal type near to the vertical L vent or masonry chimney flue.