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4t Diesel Boiler Industrial Lithuania

Fast 4t diesel boiler industrial lithuania manual control or automatic control to the semi-automatic control, according to technology requirements for integrated feed amount adjustment, the fuel supply amount, the amount of air introduced into the air with the boiler operating in good condition, good energy saving effect can be obtained.

Since last year, the city of Yinchuan in Ningxia to develop clean energy alternative to coal heating work carried out, in order to adhere to the use of waste heat energy-based heating system, two years, a total removal of 212 coal-fired 4t diesel boiler industrial lithuania units, designed over 20 million square heating area Meter. At present, Yinchuan City, the formation of a waste heat recovery and cogeneration-based, clean energy co-existence of a new pattern of heating, coal heating gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

According to Yinchuan City Housing Construction Bureau feedback, early last year, Yinchuan City, began to promote the implementation of "East of the West to give a" heat of long-distance heating projects, the long-distance transmission projects across the Yellow River, the basic realization of restructuring heat source, heat source interconnection point to ensure the city heating security and stability, environmental protection is of great significance.

At present, "East of the West to give a" central heating heating net charge of the project, the city branch, etc. have been completed, the east, the city water pipe network has been completed and started flushing cycle, is west of the water, water totaled 145,000 cubic meters.

At the same time, Yinchuan City, also build a heat source, thermoelectric Xixia complete the second phase of construction, the new 2 sets of 350,000 kilowatts supercritical coal-fired air-cooled heat generators, which can effectively replace Yinchuan City, 154 small coal-fired boilers, the annual generating capacity 3.85 billion kwh, heating capacity of 16.42 million square meters.

This year Yinchuan new cogeneration district heating area of ​​41 million square meters, the new heating pipe network 86 kilometers, is the largest investment project ever central heating, with the largest of the year.

Second, the auxiliary 4t diesel boiler industrial lithuania producing water saving. Gas fired boilers and boiler water equal to the normal production, but saves gas boiler fired boiler water used to assist dust, slag and other dust.

Chemical plant to solve large measure 4t diesel boiler industrial lithuania fan noise What? Chemical plant to solve large measure boiler fan noise What? Currently in use in many companies, industrial production and demand for heating, the boiler is very popular. However, due to the noise boiler many factors affect the work and life of the surrounding residents, endangering people's health, thus controlling chemical plant boiler fan noise has become essential. Blower and Bei induced draft fan sound in the boiler room is generally 90dB down, since the transport of the boiler flue gas temperature as high as 180 ℃, if a closed sound results in poor heat dissipation, the motor temperature is too high, or even burn out the motor. Thus, the fan noise and general binding energy in the process. Practice shows that comprehensively harnessing energy boiler fan noise reduction process is arranged to maintain constant the boiler room, the blower fan and primer were placed soundproof chamber, the t-joint connection with the host. Ventilation duct, a top wall soundproof chamber or open the intake port, and a muffler installed, for the air intake of the engine room. When arranged close to the fan side of the boiler room, in the upper portion of the intake port, the motor is placed in the central airflow passage. When the boiler operation, since the negative pressure in the blower noise generated by the chamber, a large amount of fresh outdoor air into the soundproof chamber automatically. First, the induction heat exchange with a cooling fan motor, the indoor temperature is kept at 50 ℃.