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The working principle of hot water boiler is very simple, which depends on the heat energy of fuel combustion to achieve the function of heating water, it is a kind of simple heat energy boiler. Hot water boiler is one kind of boiler, mainly because its medium is hot water. There are many kinds of hot water boilers, which can be divided into point hot water boilers, oil hot water boilers, and some more environmentally friendly gas and coal fired hot water boilers according to the fuel used.

Continue to promote the comprehensive management of dust pollution, coal-fired pollution control to strengthen and deepen the industrial pollution control and related fields, etc., which are from governance "Xining City 2018 air pollution comprehensive management action plan." Xining City, the official launch of construction on the "Xining blue" and maintain the action. Aspects of dust, industrial pollution, coal pollution will increase management and control, to develop specific control measures for building a better Xining efforts.

Since the launching of "Xining blue" action in the coal-fired pollution control, Xining City has accumulated more than 3,000 tons of steam "coal to gas," the task of governance, the main city of the city "coal to gas" campaign to take the lead. With the further implementation of the Blue Sky Project, Xining substantial increase in utilization of clean energy, significantly improve air quality of the environment, it has been among the five northwestern provinces in the forefront of the capital city.

Taking into account the special Xining City, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is located in the geographical location, the winter heating season is longer, coal dust is an important source of winter air pollution, while heating pipeline dredge more difficult, the implementation of the transformation plan will face difficulties pipeline reconstruction. To effectively improve urban air quality since 2013, Xining City, carry out a comprehensive "coal to gas" governance by supporting comprehensive measures upgrading natural gas pipeline network, such as the yellow car out of standard co-ordinate the promotion of winter clean, safe and efficient heating, achieved within the natural gas pipeline network coverage coal to gas works full coverage.

To promote the implementation of clean energy projects, Xining City, expand the scope of the ban on coal to 166 square kilometers, and implementation of the "coal to gas" in the natural gas pipeline network range, achieved in the area of ​​coal-fired boiler "cleared." Increase coal trading market will be rectified, completed a five coal market and coal two 49 business outlets, effectively reducing the use of inferior coal pollution on the surrounding environment.

The pollution-free environmental benefit of hot water china coal fired water tube boiler manufacturer is obvious: renewable biomass energy is used as fuel to realize the sustainable utilization of energy. Adopting high temperature subsection combustion technology and low emission of NOX,SO2, dust in flue gas, it is the best substitute for fuel (gas) burner, electric heating and so on. Internal inspection and preparation of hot water boiler, inspection of furnace and flue, inspection of boiler accessories, inspection of automatic control system, inspection of ancillary equipment, inspection of combustion equipment, inspection of auxiliary heating surface, The hot water boiler must do some inspection before running, these checks are not to be underestimated, possibly because of our neglect Cause very serious consequences. Therefore, we must guard against micro, hot water boiler operation before careful inspection of the following items. Including boiler internal inspection and use preparation. The furnace and flue inspection, furnace and flue dust and debris should be cleared. Air duct and flue adjustment doors, gates shall be complete and tight, flexible switches, accurate opening and closing instructions. Boiler accessories inspection, check the safety accessories are intact; cock rotation flexible, easy to use; all kinds of instruments and control devices should be complete, good, clean. After the check has passed, the pressure gauge plug should be kept in working condition. Automatic control system inspection. Inspection of ancillary equipment. The combustion equipment is checked to check if the combustion device is in good condition; the mechanical transmission system, the coal conveying system and the ballast system are tested normally; the pressure degree of the safety spring of the speed regulating box should be appropriate and the lubrication is good; the gauge of the coal brake is correct. Eagle iron neat, intact, ballast board integrity, flexible movement. Check auxiliary heating surface to check whether auxiliary equipment (induced fan, blower, pump, etc.) coupling is firmly connected; triangular belt is properly tightened; lubricating oil should be good and adequate; cooling water is unobstructed. After inspection, install safety shield, test operation separately, and pay attention to the current of idling. Internal inspection and preparation of hot water boiler The inspection of furnace and flue, the inspection of boiler accessories, the inspection of automatic control system, the inspection of ancillary equipment, the inspection of combustion equipment, the inspection of auxiliary heating surface, and the inspection of hot water boilers must be made before running. These examinations are not negligible and may have very serious consequences as a result of our neglect.

How to do when severe water shortages steam china coal fired water tube boiler manufacturer? In the event of a loss in water sometimes makes fireman process steam boiler operation, in the end how to solve it? How do we analyze today with severe water shortages steam boiler? In the operation of the steam boiler process, generally there will be some of the most common failure, the most serious is the boiler water shortages, lack of water is the main cause improper operation fireman, a long time to leave their posts, not the normal water supply. When there is a serious lack of water, do not have an immediate psychological pressure water supply, this is not correct, because the furnace severe water shortages, the various components of horizontal steam boiler is already red, not water supply, must wait until the boiler temperature drop immediately down, square and feed water may access the various components is malfunctioning. The above is how to do when severe water shortages steam boilers and today I will introduce? Content. After nearly a year of research and development company to launch coal, oil, gas steam boiler, the boiler is the biggest feature of this inspection is not required, all operations are automated, and now the case in Anhui, Jilin, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Guangdong have my company's .