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hot water tea boiler

Boiler Safety valve with pressure limiting valve according to any difference hot water tea boiler structure points, divided down to hammer lever, spring and pilot formula (pulsed); by closing valve configured to it can be divided into and not closed type two kinds. Closed valve exclusion medium is not compromised i.e., along the outlet to drain all of the designated locations, generally used in toxic and corrosive media. Safety valves for air and steam, the use of the safety valve is not closed. For product selection valve, actual sealing pressure should be determined. The spring-loaded safety valve, in an in nominal pressure (PN) range, the working pressure stage has several springs, except where noted valve type, name, medium and temperature, there should be specified when ordering valve sealing pressure otherwise, according to the maximum sealing pressure supply. Boiler safety valve installation and maintenance should note the following: all kinds of safety valve should be installed vertically. Safety valve at the outlet should be no resistance, to avoid pressure phenomenon. Safety valve should be specifically tested before installation and check its official seal. The use of the safety valve should be checked regularly. Pressure limiting valve, comprising a handle, the weight, and the exhaust gas pipe plug, with the air chamber and the air chamber communicating with the deflation hole in the hammer, the upper end of the exhaust pipe of the gas chamber is positioned in the weight of the gas the cavity is provided with resilient means, the resilient means of the card opposite the outer wall of the exhaust pipe, the gas plug connector with a handle and a hammer, the front end portion of the opening at the upper end of the exhaust pipe, is disposed above the stopper in the hole has discouraged gas means, in the exhaust pipe is provided with a projection. Advantages of the present invention are: the stop means is disposed above the deflated air holes can be effectively prevented when the pressure limiting valve artificially lifting, high temperature and high pressure steam discharged from the scalding hand hole discouraged outwardly disposed projections or tracheal a positioning ring, particularly suitable when the artificial lift the handle, the card can circlip on the boss or the positioning ring is not dropped, as deflation make safer and more reliable operation.

Steam hot water tea boiler scale cleaning program installed on a steam boiler 1. The inlet connector, and the outer tube car washing machine is connected, to establish a temporary liquid injection port. 2. with room temperature water to release the sludge dissolved in the cleaning agent with the vehicle, the mixed, injected into the boiler with the lift from the pump inlet. 3. The demand agent concentration reached after washing off the inlet port, opening the boiler circulation pump wash cycle, after about 8 hours, the turbidity increased to 124%, the liquor was discarded, rinse with water until turbidity decreased to 10mg / L. 4. The appropriate agent added acid used in the same manner as rust, cleaning cleaning, the cleaning control index number timing detection process, make a record, according to standardized time to add the desired cleaning agent after 24 hours , the sewage, rinse. The pre-film pre-selected type of membrane treatment, boiler water heated to the temperature was raised to within the desired range, the corresponding pre-dosage drug film, the film pre-treatment circulating, pre-film deposition time is determined according to the type, Various control indicators timing detection during cleaning, make a record. Zheng pot shares Note: To conduct regular water quality testing, reduce the scale, appear to prevent boiler scale, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

When the hot water hot water tea boiler scale occurs, we first need to be analyzed scale category, and then determine the specific treatment.

Since I began preparations for the 2018 ASME certification program, and at the beginning of the project preparation work since January this year, the project has entered a crucial stage of the implementation. Ms. Jiang Lianju quality system under warranty division led to ASME certification were careful overall planning work to develop a detailed plan of the evidence, and careful organization departments to participate in the work of the various stages of implementation.