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coal fired thermal oil boiler with hot water

Do you use the right method for the maintenance of fuel-fired gas coal fired thermal boiler with hot waters? After buying oil and gas boilers, many enterprises pay no attention to the maintenance and maintenance in the process of operation, resulting in a great reduction in the service life of oil and gas fired boilers. Then how should the fuel oil and gas boiler carry on the maintenance? The following article for you to do a detailed analysis. When the furnace water is cooled below 70 ℃, the inner dirt will be completely removed, washed clean, all the manhole, hand hole, pipeline valve and so on sealed tightly, and completely isolated from the running boiler with blind plate. After all the alkaline solution has been added, it is injected into the boiler with soft water until the water comes out of the highest part of the boiler and the water supply valve is closed, Pay attention to the mixing average of alkaline solution in boiler.

The sale of the burner type and range of applications markets burner has a range of many different types, different types of burners applied are not the same. The scope of application of the burner more extensive, can be applied to the engine and ignition stove, and it appears to people's lives has brought great convenience, it has been a lot of consumers like. Burner also known as integrated burner to oil and gas-based. Fuel is generally used in small and medium sized coal fired thermal boiler with hot waters, the fuel fan heater, baked (baked) and the small fuel tank furnace. Broadly speaking, civil stove, lighter, torch, engine burner means belong to the scope and special civil combustor burner. Flame atomizer a pre-mixed component structure, also known as combustion head. It is a mixed gas of the combustion flame jets and carriers like sample, more than a single slit type slot length of about 50mm and 100mm there are two kinds, slit width 0.5mm, the former for the nitrous oxide - acetylene flame, after by an air - acetylene flame. Generally made of stainless steel, but also of aluminum or brass. A single slit (single-slot) with three slits (three-slot) two kinds. Mike atomic fluorescence spectrometry using a burner (Mekerburner), which is shaped torch flame. Two kinds of sub-cooled and air-cooled. After washing with distilled water is often required to use, to prevent corrosion and plugging the gap.

Anyang City Minshan Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. is a collection of urban mining, renewable resources, energy as one of the economic wisdom of cleaning companies, mainly non-ferrous metal extraction and processing work. Company to conserve energy, cleaner production for the purpose of this concept coincides with the fast coal fired thermal boiler with hot water. Thus, when the company in the purchase of the product boiler, and fast boiler almost hit it off, by the party to provide a fast 6 tons of steam integrally condensing gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25.Y.Q).

The main structure of the internal combustion coal fired thermal boiler with hot water detail: In the combustion boiler is a main flue of all, combustion residue after combustion of the fuel without directly heating the surface of the mixed working fluid is heated and the flue gas, together with steam as the working fluid work output of method of operation, high efficiency boilers. The internal combustion boiler thermal industry is part of the production of steam. Next to be described in detail the structure of the main combustion boiler: a boiler shell, the pressure receiving member is an important potshell shell type boiler, it is the role space for storing water and soda and steam are separated place. In shell type boiler, boiler shell placed combustion chamber (furnace) and the heating surface, the effect of which was underway boiler body. Potshell cylindrical container is made of welded steel sheet, we split it into three parts: the cylindrical portion is an intermediate portion, both ends of the tubesheet portion is simplified, and some people open end of the tube sheet hole. Simplified by the two or more tube sections butt weld made, the minimum length of the barrel section is not less than 300mm. When the boiler is greater than the inner diameter of the shell boiler 1000mm. Simplified access potshell wall thickness should be not less than 6mm, inner diameter of the shell when the pot is not more than 1000mm, simplified access to the boiler shell thickness is not less than 4mm. Both sides of the drum and the tube plate is connected to the boiler shell simplified, many small holes drilled in the tube plate, through the hole in the fire tube. Front tube plate further defines a larger hole furnace connected. There are many simple pan upper takeover, which takes over a main steam valve, safety valve, manometer, water gauge and the like. Pan with water separator housing interior, surface sewage, and the like into the water. 2, furnace, furnace boilers are specific shell type pressure element, inside a furnace combustion chamber, the outer coating from the boiler water. Furnace outside the furnace by the water pressure. Therefore, it is the worst working conditions the pressure element shell type boiler. Because the furnace by the high temperature flame burning, the temperature is higher than the temperature of the boiler shell, its thermal expansion problems particularly prominent in the boiler fuel, the oil combustion temperature is high, a high furnace thermal strength, severe temperature changes, there is required furnace good performance thermal expansion and contraction. General furnace are made waveform. And some shell type boiler or furnace to a flat circular flat circular shape Singapore. 3, fire tube, the main fire tube boiler heating surface of the boiler shell. Generally use is made of boiler steel φ51mm ~ φ102mm, the front and rear tube plate by welding or play mode coupled expanded joint, when Expansion, connecting the fire tube and inflation port after inflation tube plate using 90 ° pull side contact. Front and smoke at a relatively low temperature plate, inflation bell mouth pull side can be connected. When a welded connection, in order to ensure sufficient bonding strength, and the tube end is not overheating, the tube end projecting required length of the tube plate is not less than the wall thickness plus 1.5mm, but not in excess of the connecting seam 5mm. Imported oil-fired boiler, and some in the furnace exit, fire tube to tube sheet welding connection. But in other parts of the fire tube to tube plate with flange 90 connected to the expander. Effect is produced outside the smoke tube of the tube furnace heated by flue gas through the combustion water in the tube, in order to gradually generate steam, also called "squib." Generally have the following forms: a straight barrel, also called "light pipe", the advantage of a small light pipe smoke resistance, the disadvantage is fouling the inner pipe easily. Heat transfer effect is also poor. Light pipes are typically seamless steel tube, but also useful for welding boiler tube inlet. Another is a threaded tube, which is pressed inwardly out of a recess in the seamless pipe, it seems like a thread, so called "threaded pipe." The advantage is that the flue gas flow within the tube, changing the flow cross-sectional area, the flow velocity of flue gas is also changed and swirl effect. Therefore, it is better than the light of the heat transfer tube and hard fouling. The disadvantage is greater than the resistance through the light pipe has a certain velocity before the flue gas swirl effect more obvious. The third is to add steel wire or steel wire to the formula Fu light tube. It is a light pipe inside the tube into a tube-type inflammation oxidation resistance good steel wire, inside the flue gas flow at the fire tube, steel wire plays a role similar to the threaded tube. If you want to fire tube cleaning, can easily be removed steel wire, steel wire and light pipe are more convenient cleaning. This form of fire tube easy to manufacture, simple maintenance. In order to maintain the strength of the tube plate, according to strength calculation, be reinforced hole in a predetermined position region of the tube plate. Specific fire wall is thickened, with a thick-walled welded tube to tube plate, so that both as reinforcement, acting also as heating surface, the thick-walled tubes referred to as "bracing tube."