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biomaas vinky boiler belgiam

Shandong Zhaoyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned local asset management companies, gold mining dressing and smelting for leading industries, operates in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtourism, services, precious metals, real estate, eco-agriculture, with total assets of 10.2 billion yuan, Shanghai gold Exchange is an international provider of standard gold bullion. July 2017, Shandong Mining Group and fast biomaas vinky boiler belgiam steam signed a 0.5-ton electric heating steam boiler which mainly produce steam for metallurgical mineral processing and other manufacturing processes, energy defeating small, strong ability to supply steam .

2, Kai hot water biomaas vinky boiler belgiam furnace operation

When Kai furnace again, should open the circulating pump, the water in the system to achieve the normal cycle, open the induced draft fan, blower, start the grate and the coal system, gradually recovered coal combustion. When the shutdown longer required pressure furnace, combustion should preferably seam, after clearing slag, then covered with a thick coal seam fire pressure.

How sewage biomaas vinky boiler belgiam plant (1) opened the internal valve of sewage; (2) outside the valve opened slowly discharge of sewage, pipes for warm and sewage; (3) a plurality of times on and off from the outside sewage valves, slowly flushing liquid inside the furnace dirt, the dirt can be discharged liquid; (4) closing the internal valve of sewage, the sewage between the two store water discharged from the valve; (5) off the outer discharge of sewage valve, complete sewage.

Electric heating stepped into the biomaas vinky boiler belgiam's electrical power order will be implemented nationwide impact on everyone's life will be the biggest winter electric heating. Heating an electrically converts electrical energy into thermal energy directly through heat radiation or also A heat transfer medium circulating in the heating pipe to meet the heating demand approaches or heating equipment. In other power price relatively unchanged prices rising situation, they chose very wisely electric heating approach. High-end customers to choose the electric film, electric floor, where most of the customers are selected electric boiler heating and so on. Especially some of the new homes in the north, the electric heating has now become a relatively common choice. Most of the southern winter heating also choose various methods of electric heating. It is presented every winter severe electricity is an important reason. The introduction of the price ladder policy makes electric heating into a predicament expensive electricity. There is no doubt, electric boiler heating customer will break the upper limit of the ladder of electricity, heating and electricity is almost full of high-priced electricity. Let the price ladder electric heating becomes a truly noble and heating.