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Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is China's first to operate independently and gain new energy automobile production qualification of new energy auto companies, mainly engaged in new energy vehicles and key parts and components research and development, production, sales and service business segments, and the layout intelligent manufacturing, energy management, smart travel, Internet +, and other strategic emerging industries. In the new energy automobile manufacturing process, and a series of paint drying processes can not do without the help of hot water fabricantes de boiler a vapor. Due to the company before the device has reached less than the growing production needs, the introduction of the 2017 mid-tail electric company producing heating pressure hot water boiler (CEDR0.7--95 / 70-Ⅱ).

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Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation in Cement Plant

Waste heating recovery boiler for cement plant

Operation of a gas fabricantes de boiler a vapor with the daily management of the boiler put into operation must meet the following conditions: 1, boiler passed the test. 2, the boiler has been registered on file, no use permits boiler must not be put into operation. 3, fireman trained personnel evaluation, obtain operating permits and operating the boiler to adapt. 4, it is necessary to measure the water treatment and water quality certified laboratory personnel. 5, a complete set of practical rules and regulations, including: 1) personal responsibility; 2) boiler operating procedures; 3) mobile inspection system 4) equipment maintenance system; 5) the shift system; 6) Water quality management systems; 7) clean system; 8) safety and security systems; (b) softened water boiler, water quality should be consistent with GB / T1576-2008 "industrial boiler water quality," the relevant requirements. (C) for preparing for the steam within the boiler steam pressure close to the operating pressure when, for the steam pot before the water level should not exceed the normal water level, combustion in the furnace before the steam supply should be stable. When the total steam supply steam valve slightly open, micro steam heating pipe, while the pipe line vent valve open, releasing the condensate, warm-time decided according to the pipe length, diameter, and temperature steam, generally less than 10 minutes. Note that the case of heating pipe should the pipe expansion and pipe stent, if there is no abnormal situation, stop heating pipes and eliminating faults and defects. Be heat-pipe, before full total steam valve, open when the condensed water should be carried out slowly pipeline is gradually reduced, while paying attention to whether the boiler has a special sound for each member, if any should be checked immediately. After total steam valve fully open, the total steam valve handwheel should be returned half, not prevent rotation of the thermal expansion. To prevent steam with water not allow in any case the water level exceeds a high-water mark on the glass.